Queen’s special tradition that she started for George, Charlotte and Louis when they visited

 The former monarch took great pleasure in the company of her younger family members, and she showed her great-grandchildren her love in a very kind and affectionate way.

The late Queen Elizabeth II had a sweet tradition of leaving a little gift or something in the rooms of her great-grandchildren when they visited her at Balmoral Castle or Sandringham House. This tradition is a perfect example of how she showed her love for her family.

The Princess of Wales previously revealed this tradition in an ITV documentary in 2016. She said that the Queen always left a gift in the rooms of her great-grandchildren, and that this was a way for her to show her love for them.

This tradition is likely to continue on, as it is a heartwarming way to show love and appreciation for one’s family. It is also a simple way to make the guests feel welcome and special.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, recalled that the Queen was particularly fond of her eight-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte. She said that the Queen was “really thrilled” when Charlotte was born, and that she has always been a favorite of her grandmother’s.

“I believe that as soon as we returned to Kensington, she was among the first visitors to come here. I believe she has a great affection for Charlotte, and she constantly keeps an eye on her activities.”

However, during the ITV interview, Kate shared another heartwarming detail about the late monarch. She recounted her first Christmas spent with the Royal Family and her anxiousness about selecting the perfect Christmas gift for the Queen.

“I pondered over what gift to give her, and it made me think of what I would have given my own grandparents. Eventually, I decided to make something myself, following my granny’s chutney recipe, though I was a bit apprehensive about it turning out well. However, the next day, I noticed that my homemade chutney was placed on the table.

I believe this small and sincere gesture meant a lot to me, and since then, I’ve observed her doing similar things on numerous occasions. It demonstrates her considerate nature and how she genuinely cares for everyone’s well-being.”

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