On the afternoon of Tuesday, the 31st of October, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands graced the stage to bestow the prestigious Prix de Rome Visual Arts 2023 Prize during the grand ceremony hosted at the illustrious Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. The proclamation of the victor was heralded by State Secretary Gunay Uslu, presiding over the domains of Culture and Media. The contenders in contention for this distinguished accolade encompassed the visual virtuosos Ghita Skali, Jonas Staal, Josefin Arnell, and Michael Tedja, but the laurels of this year's honor belong to the accomplished visual artist, Jonas Staal.

The Prix de Rome stands as the motivating beacon for visual artists hailing from the Netherlands and the Caribbean, an integral part of the Kingdom. This esteemed award serves a noble purpose, seeking to unearth exceptional talents, invigorate their growth, elevate their prominence, and thereby facilitate the rejuvenation of the realm of visual arts. Since the year 2012, the orchestration and funding of this coveted prize have been undertaken by the Mondriaan Fonds.

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