On the first day of November, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima warmly welcomed a group of twelve Dutch citizens to the grandeur of Noordeinde Palace. The purpose of this regal gathering was to engage in profound discussions regarding the heartfelt letters that these individuals had previously penned to either the King or Queen Maxima. It's noteworthy that the members of the Royal House receive an overwhelming volume of over ten thousand letters annually. The meticulous handling and preservation of this substantial correspondence are meticulously managed by the King's Office and the Royal Household Service.

Engaging in dialogues with several of the letter authors, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima demonstrated their earnest desire to lend an empathetic ear to the concerns of the people. The royal couple aimed to delve deeper into these matters, exploring potential avenues to fortify the Dutch society. The selection of guests was thoughtfully curated, encompassing individuals who exhibited unwavering dedication to an array of critical themes, including solidarity, social security, housing, and climate-related issues.

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