Queen Maxima of the Netherlands’s visit to Morocco, 1st day

 Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, who is currently serving as the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development, has arrived in Morocco for a four-day visit from March 20 to 23. The purpose of her visit is to promote financial inclusion in the country and explore ways to enhance access to financial services for all Moroccans, particularly those in underserved communities.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands's visit to Morocco, 1st day
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During her stay, Queen Maxima is focusing on three key themes: fintech, inclusive green finance, and the development of digital payment systems. These are all critical areas for improving financial inclusion, and Queen Maxima is meeting with representatives from government, international development agencies, financial institutions, and non-profit organizations to discuss the best strategies for enhancing financial services in Morocco.

One of the main objectives of Queen Maxima’s visit is to engage with various communities in Morocco to gain a better understanding of the impact of financial services on people’s lives and financial well-being. By listening directly to Moroccans, particularly those in underserved communities, she hopes to identify specific challenges and opportunities for improving financial inclusion in the country.

Queen Maxima has already held meetings in both Rabat and Casablanca, where she discussed the importance of financial inclusion and the role that digital payment systems and fintech can play in achieving this goal. She has also emphasized the importance of inclusive green finance, which can help Morocco transition to a more sustainable economy while also expanding access to financial services.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands's visit to Morocco, 1st day
Photo: © Getty Images

Through her meetings and discussions with various stakeholders, Queen Maxima aims to promote dialogue and cooperation among all parties involved in the financial sector in Morocco. By working together, she believes that they can develop effective solutions for enhancing financial inclusion and ensuring that all Moroccans have access to the financial services they need to improve their lives.

This visit is particularly significant because it marks Queen Maxima’s first visit to Morocco in her UN role. By choosing to focus on financial inclusion, she has identified an area where the UN can make a significant difference in the lives of Moroccans. Her efforts to promote dialogue and cooperation among all stakeholders will undoubtedly help to create a more inclusive financial system in Morocco, one that benefits all Moroccans, regardless of their background or economic status.

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