Queen Mathilde of Belgium Attends “Time To Dance” Gala in Antwerp

Queen Mathilde of Belgium attended the “Time To Dance” gala at The Queen Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp on Monday. The event was curated by Wim Vanlessen, a veteran ballet dancer with 25 years of experience, who achieved international fame with Opera Ballet Vlaanderen.

Queen Mathilde Attends "Time To Dance" Gala in Antwerp
Queen Mathilde Attends “Time To Dance” Gala in Antwerp

The gala included classical, neoclassical, and modern dance performed by international dancers. The program interpreted renowned dance masterpieces created by well-known choreographers in the past. It was a special event to launch the Dansersfonds Foundation, which aims to support talented young dancers.

Queen Mathilde, who is a patron of the Royal Ballet of Flanders, looked stunning in a long, flowing dress as she watched the performances. She was seen mingling with the guests and chatting with the dancers backstage.

The gala was a celebration of the beauty and power of dance. It showcased the incredible talent and hard work of the dancers, who brought to life some of the most iconic dance pieces of all time. From the grace and elegance of classical ballet to the energy and innovation of contemporary dance, the gala had something for everyone.

Queen Mathilde Attends "Time To Dance" Gala in Antwerp
Queen Mathilde Attends “Time To Dance” Gala in Antwerp

As a patron of the arts, Queen Mathilde is known for her support of culture and creativity. She has long been a champion of the performing arts and has attended many dance performances, theater productions, and concerts over the years.

The “Time To Dance” gala was a fitting tribute to the art of dance and a testament to the hard work and dedication of the dancers. The launch of the Dansersfonds Foundation will provide vital support to young dancers, ensuring that the art of dance continues to flourish for years to come.

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