Princess of Wales hints at tiara moment for King Charles’s coronation

 The world is buzzing with anticipation as the coronation of King Charles draws near. Royal watchers and fashion enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the sight of the royal family in their finery, with particular interest in what the Princess of Wales will be wearing. And now, a hint has been dropped that has everyone talking.

During a recent outing to Birmingham with her husband Prince William, the Princess of Wales had a conversation with This Morning host Alison Hammond. Hammond revealed on the show that she had asked Kate what she would be wearing for the coronation, and the Princess responded with a tantalizing hint: “There is a hint of blue!”

Naturally, this comment has sent royal fans into a frenzy, speculating on what outfit Kate may choose for the historic occasion. But it’s not just the outfit that people are talking about – the mention of blue could also be a clue to another accessory the Princess may wear.

Last year, Kate wore a blue sash at the state banquet and Diplomatic reception, which signifies her position as a Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order. This is the highest ranking of chivalry personally awarded by the late Queen Elizabeth II for being in her service. Royals typically wear their Orders alongside tiaras at formal evening occasions, and there is much speculation that we may see the Princess wearing both at the coronation.

The pre-coronation reception on May 5 is likely to be the moment when we see the royal ladies wearing evening gowns with tiaras and their Orders on display. While Buckingham Palace has yet to confirm details about who will attend this event, it is sure to be a glamorous affair.

The Princess of Wales is no stranger to tiaras, having worn three in her 12 years as a royal. On her wedding day, she wore the Cartier Halo tiara, while the Lotus Flower tiara was worn most recently at the Diplomatic reception. The Lover’s Knot tiara, famously worn by her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, has also graced Kate’s head.

With her impeccable sense of style, it’s no surprise that all eyes are on Kate to see what she will wear to the coronation. While we may not know for sure until the day itself, the mention of blue has given us plenty to speculate about in the meantime. One thing is certain – the world will be watching closely as the royal family dons their finery for this historic occasion.

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