Princess of Wales cheers England to victory following tense rugby battle in France – best photos

Princess of Wales cheers England to victory following tense rugby battle in France – best photos

This past Sunday, the Princess of Wales made a notable appearance to lend her support to the English rugby team as they faced Fiji in the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals, held in France.

Beyond her royal status, the Princess demonstrates a profound passion for sports. Since February 2022, she has held the esteemed position of patron for both the Rugby Football Union and the Rugby Football League, taking over this role from Prince Harry.

Radiating elegance, the Princess donned a resplendent, immaculate white blazer from the fashion house Zara. Her signature, cascading tresses framed her face as she exuberantly cheered on the English contingent, sharing the stands with numerous other ardent fans.


Kate’s Arrival:

For her attendance at the England versus Fiji match, hosted at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille, the Princess donned an exquisite white blazer paired with dark trousers. Contrary to speculation among royal observers, Kate arrived unaccompanied.

Cordial Exchange:

Kate appeared to engage in an animated conversation with her seat companion, Sir Bill Beaumont CBE, the Chairman of World Rugby.

Harmonious National Anthem:

Consistent with tradition, the Princess wholeheartedly joined in the pre-match rendition of the national anthem. This Sunday was no exception, with Kate displaying unwavering patriotism.

The Thrill of the Game:

Throughout the fiercely contested quarter-final, Kate enthusiastically applauded both teams. Her fervor for rugby and increasing self-assuredness in her royal role have been evident in her growing number of solo public appearances since assuming the title of Princess of Wales.

Intermission Enthusiasm:

Half-time arrived with England leading, and the Princess was all smiles as the scoreboard displayed a 21-10 advantage in favor of her home team.

Keen Insights from Kate:

The mother of three seemed to share her astute observations regarding the match with her fellow attendees, particularly as England faced Fiji’s spirited resurgence.

Outgoing Demeanor:

Kate, who relishes social interaction, displayed her amiable side on Sunday. She appeared to thoroughly enjoy the event and the company of those around her.

England’s Battle:

As Fiji began to narrow the score gap, it was undoubtedly a nail-biting moment for the Princess, who was fully engrossed in the unfolding drama of England’s struggle to maintain their lead.

Princess Kate’s Benevolent Support:

While staunchly backing her local team, the compassionate royal consistently acknowledged the relentless efforts of both sides in high-stakes international matches. Given her own athletic interests, she empathizes with the arduous journey to success.

Triumphant Outcome:

Ultimately, England preserved their lead, clinching a 30-24 victory in the match. The Princess radiated with pride at her homeland’s triumph, and it is unquestionable that their achievement was greatly enriched by her unwavering support.

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