Princess Kate shares heartwarming moment with young fan in adorable video: ‘Hi Princess!’

 Princess Kate had a heartwarming encounter with a young admirer at the Wimbledon tournament. 

During her visit to the prestigious sporting event earlier this month, the Princess of Wales received a warm greeting from a child. 

Kate has been the patron of the All England Lawn Tennis Club since 2016. 

While walking past a young boy, a video shared on Instagram captured the moment when the child called out, “Hi Princess.” 

Responding immediately, Kate stopped and waved at the boy. Approaching him, she inquired about his name and asked if he had a fun day.

Additionally, the princess praised the youngster’s toy, describing it as “very cool” and expressing her liking for it.

Before departing, the Princess of Wales expressed to the boy, “Nice to meet you,” ensuring a pleasant conclusion to their encounter.

This is not the first instance where Kate has impressed her loyal supporters with her warm and approachable nature. 

In January, during an engagement in Leeds, she eased the nerves of a visibly anxious fan. 

The fan, desiring to capture the moment he met the Princess of Wales, requested a selfie, to which Kate promptly agreed, saying, “Yes you can, very quickly.” Sensing the fan’s nervousness, 

he apologized, to which Kate reassured him, saying, “Please don’t worry, it’s okay, we all get nervous. Nice to meet you, take care.”

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