Princess Kate gets overwhelming praise from royal fans for her ‘can do’ attitude

Princess Kate gets overwhelming praise from royal fans for her ‘can do’ attitude

“Is there anything she’s not capable of? This was the topic of discussion among royal enthusiasts on social media this week, following the Princess of Wales’ attempt at wheelchair rugby during an official visit to Hull. Kate, who serves as the patron of the Rugby Football League, participated in a Rugby League Inclusivity Day organized by the Rugby Football League, Hull FC, and the University of Hull. The mother of three joined a training session with members of the World Cup-winning England Wheelchair Rugby League team and impressively managed to kick the rugby ball over the bar – a challenging feat for a beginner, as noted by Tom Coyd, coach of England’s wheelchair rugby team. A video of Kate’s participation in the event was posted on the official Instagram account of the Prince and Princess of Wales, leaving royal admirers astonished. Social media users commended Prince William’s wife for her positive attitude, approachable demeanor, and innate athletic ability.”

One fan expressed their admiration, saying, “Is there anything she cannot excel at? I adore her boundless energy, her unwavering passion for everything she takes on, and her perpetual elegance. She’s a woman who seems capable of mastering a wide array of skills, a complete package, which is why I hold such deep admiration and affection for her.”

Another fan pointed out, “I truly admire Catherine’s athleticism. She consistently appears joyful and at ease during sports-related outings. I’m pleased to see this cause receiving recognition. Well done to all involved!!!!”

A third commenter highlighted Kate’s unique path, suggesting, “Princess Kate has forged her own distinctive journey, one that will undoubtedly become her legacy when she ascends to the throne. This legacy will encompass her athleticism, her consistently positive outlook on life, her ever-present smile, her sense of duty, her unwavering commitment, her strong work ethic, and her no-nonsense approach.”

One supporter praised Kate’s authenticity and dedication, remarking, “She is so authentic, committed, and exceptional in all of her endeavors,” while another fan commended her sporty fashion sense, stating, “THIS is how you dress and attend a sporting event to show support for these remarkable individuals. YOU’RE DOING GREAT, QUEEN.”

Following the training session, Mr. Coyd remarked, “I believe she must have been engaging in undisclosed practice sessions prior to her arrival here because she demonstrates a natural talent. She even concluded a passing sequence with a try in the corner – to be frank, she astounded me.”

He continued, “It’s a remarkable spectator sport, encompassing a wide range of elements. It offers inclusivity, as it’s the only sport globally where individuals with disabilities and those without can compete together at the highest level. Additionally, Kate herself noted that the exciting collisions observed on television were what captivated children and piqued their interest.”

The Princess has held a strong passion for rugby from her early years, a sentiment shared by her family. This affection for the sport was unveiled by her sister Pippa Middleton in a 2014 Vanity Fair article, where she disclosed the family’s deep-rooted appreciation for rugby. Pippa recalled, “Rugby held a significant place in our family, particularly during international matches, which frequently took place on Saturday afternoons and were characterized as much by their social aspects as their sporting significance.”

Prior to her departure from Hull, Kate received custom-made England Wheelchair Rugby League jerseys for her three children, namely Prince George, aged ten, Princess Charlotte, aged eight,

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