Princess Eugenie shares exciting update weeks after welcoming baby Ernest

Princess Eugenie, who is currently in a newborn baby bubble with her son Ernest, recently made an exciting announcement to her Instagram followers. 

In a video and photo montage, the royal mother of two shared that she is thrilled to become a part of the Goals House Advisory Board.

She expressed her dedication to working towards the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. 

Goals House is a community that brings together influential activists, thinkers, political figures, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, who collaborate during important global events with a shared commitment to realizing these goals.

Similar to her uncle King Charles, Princess Eugenie is a dedicated supporter of environmental causes and the preservation of the ocean.

Shortly after welcoming her second child, she initiated her Ocean Advocate mini-series, in which she engages in discussions with experts to emphasize the importance of safeguarding the ocean and the urgency of doing so. 

Additionally, as an ambassador for the Blue Marine Foundation, she extended an exclusive invitation to HELLO! magazine to accompany her to the Solent Seascape Project in Portsmouth, demonstrating her commitment to this cause.

In her role as a director at Mayfair art gallery Hauser & Wirth, Eugenie discussed with HELLO! how becoming a mother has profoundly influenced her outlook on the future. 

She shared that the arrival of her son, August, has had a positive impact on her motivation to accomplish more. Motherhood has reshaped her priorities, and she now feels a strong desire to do everything within her power for her children and future generations, including her grandchildren. 

Despite August being just two years old, she hopes that her own actions and efforts will inspire him, so that one day he may continue the same path of making a positive difference.

During her attendance at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January, Princess Eugenie openly discussed her approach to educating her eldest son, August, about the significance of environmental preservation. 

Engaging in a conversation with Axel Threlfall, Reuters editor-at-large, and Gail Whiteman, founder of Arctic Humanity, Eugenie expressed her intention to raise her two-year-old son as an activist. 

She emphasized that her actions are driven by the future well-being of her children, echoing the sentiments expressed to her by Peter Thomson, the UN Special Envoy for Oceans. 

Eugenie explained that every decision she now makes is with August in mind, considering how it will shape his future and the choices he will have. 

As a mother, she noted that her perspective has drastically changed, with shifts in hormones and newfound fears like a fear of flying that she never experienced before.

In February 2021, Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank joyfully welcomed their first child, August, at the Portland Hospital in London. 

Continuing their journey as parents, the couple recently celebrated the arrival of their second son, Ernest, born on May 30, 2023, also at the same hospital. 

Eugenie shared a heartwarming picture capturing the special moment when August met his newborn baby brother.

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