Princess Eugenie returns to work after welcoming baby Ernest – details

Princess Eugenie returns to work after welcoming baby Ernest – details

Wednesday ushered in an exhilarating day for Princess Eugenie as her podcast resurfaced.

The regal figure, at the age of 33, graced the screen with her co-founder in The Anti-Slavery Collective, Julia de Boinville. Their video message aimed to elucidate the compelling reasons for the audience to engage with the forthcoming second season of Floodlight…

The inaugural guest for this new series is none other than Britain’s erstwhile Prime Minister, Theresa May. She engaged in a profound dialogue with Eugenie and Julia, delving into her pivotal role in enacting the Modern Slavery Act of 2015.

These comrades from their school days embarked on establishing The Anti-Slavery Collective back in 2017, culminating in the launch of their own podcast show just last year.

Eugenie articulated, “Across a span of ten episodes, Julia and I have had the privilege of conversing with exceptional individuals who ardently campaign to eradicate modern slavery in its multifarious manifestations. Listeners shall gain an insight into the covert nature of this heinous transgression, which clandestinely permeates all strata of society. Together, we can galvanize change. Join us as we unite change-makers and amplify awareness in the battle against modern slavery.”

Julia interjected, “We are elated to present the second installment of Floodlight to our audience. We stand in awe of the endeavors our guests have undertaken to combat this worldwide scourge, and each of their episodes is replete with invaluable insights from which we can all glean.”

The launch of this subsequent season synchronized with Anti-Slavery Day on the 18th of October.

The roster of guests for this series also boasts Zach Filkins of OneRepublic and Rose Hudson-Wilkin, the inaugural Black woman to ascend to the role of a Church of England Bishop. The latter presided over the supplications at the royal nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Last week, Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, celebrated their quinquennial wedding anniversary.

In commemoration, she shared a touching video, featuring hitherto unreleased photographs from their wedding day at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. One snapshot immortalized the newlyweds disembarking from their vehicle.

Dr. Anthony Wallersteiner, the headmaster of Stowe School and a guest at the royal wedding in October 2018, disclosed heartwarming details about Jack’s oratory during the event to HELLO!

“Jack’s speech exuded an aura of humility, both for him and Eugenie. As individuals, they embody a sense of modesty,” Anthony divulged. “There was a palpable awareness that, whether by birth or marriage, one bears not only privileges but also responsibilities and duties within the royal fold.

“The overarching sentiment that day was one of profound humanity, warm intimacy, coupled with the grandeur of a public ceremony.”

Anthony continued, “It is evident that they are profoundly enamored. They share an innate sense of humor, a mutual penchant for similar interests, and both are endowed with entrepreneurial spirits. Their profound reverence for family underscores their significance. They epitomize a modern approach to careers and service within the royal family, charting the course for future working royals.”

The Princess also disseminated a fresh family portrait, capturing an idyllic moment on the seashore with Jack and their two progeny – August, two years of age, and Ernest, a tender four months old.

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