Princess Charlotte in line to receive ‘highest honour possible’ for female royals

Princess Charlotte is expected to become Princess Royal one day, the highest possible honor for a woman in the British royal family. However, the role is not automatic; it must be earned.

Princess Anne, Charlotte’s great-aunt, is the current Princess Royal. She is known for her strong work ethic and dedication to her royal duties. She was awarded the title by her mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, in 1987.

Princess Charlotte will be next in line to become Princess Royal when Princess Anne dies. She will need to demonstrate the same level of commitment and dedication to her royal duties as Princess Anne has done in order to earn the title.

Prince William, as the future king, will have the authority to decide whether or not to award his daughter Princess Charlotte the title of Princess Royal. The title is traditionally given to the eldest daughter of the monarch, and it is a lifelong title. Therefore, Princess Charlotte will have to wait until the current Princess Royal, her great-aunt Princess Anne, dies before she can be considered for the title.

If Princess Charlotte becomes Princess Royal, she will have big shoes to fill. The current Princess Royal, her great-aunt Princess Anne, is known for being the hardest-working royal. In 2022 alone, she carried out 214 official engagements, more than her brother, King Charles.

It is expected that Charlotte will follow in the footsteps of her hard-working family in whatever capacity she chooses. However, she may not receive a dukedom unless she marries a duke. Her brothers Prince George and Louis will receive a dukedom no matter who they marry.

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