Princess Charlotte and Princess Lilibet share adorable similarity to late Queen

Princess Charlotte and Princess Lilibet share adorable similarity to late Queen

 Princess Charlotte and her cousin, Princess Lilibet, share a heartwarming resemblance that connects them to the late Queen. Despite residing vast distances apart, the cousins are bound together in a distinctive manner due to their shared ancestor.

For a considerable time, it has been customary within the royal family to bestow newborns with names that hold historical and familial significance. While this tradition has diminished over time, resulting in less formal names being chosen, many of these names still maintain connections to past monarchs. Both Lilibet and Charlotte bear names tied to Queen Elizabeth II.

A total of nine descendants of the former Queen have been given names that pay homage to her, including the sole daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and Princess Anne.

The daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales was born in 2015 and was named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Six years later, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived and was named Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, thereby honoring the late monarch.

Beyond their connection to the Queen, the cousins also share a parallel tie to their grandmother, Princess Diana, as both have been named in her honor.

In March, Harry and Meghan conveyed that it was their children’s “birthright” to hold the titles of Prince and Princess. Reportedly, after the Queen’s funeral, the King provided reassurance that Archie and Lilibet could indeed use these titles.

Among other family members named after the late monarch are Princess Beatrice (Beatrice Elizabeth Mary), Zara Tindall (Zara Anne Elizabeth), Isla Phillips (Isla Elizabeth), and Lady Louise Windsor (Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary).

As William prepares to ascend the throne, there is speculation that Princess Charlotte could inherit a prominent royal title, possibly that of the Princess Royal, a designation currently held by Princess Anne. This role is usually granted to the eldest daughter of the monarch, but its bestowal is not guaranteed if the previous holder is still alive. When the Princess Royal passes away, the title returns to the monarch’s discretion to decide whether to pass it on to their daughter, if they have one. It is not an automatic inheritance for the monarch’s eldest daughter.

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