Princess Beatrice’s stylist lifts lid on royal’s remarkable transformation

Princess Beatrice’s stylist lifts lid on royal’s remarkable transformation

Princess Beatrice’s style evolution has garnered significant attention, as per a fashion connoisseur’s analysis.

In 2011, the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew attended the nuptials of Kate and William donning a Philip Treacy hat, which, at the time, drew comparisons to diverse items, from a pretzel to a lavatory seat and a door knocker.

However, Princess Beatrice has gradually honed her sartorial finesse and is now widely celebrated for her exquisite ensembles.

She consistently garners acclaim as one of the most impeccably dressed members of the royal family, largely attributable to her personal stylist, Olivia Buckingham.

Buckingham, who also outfits celebrities like Poppy Delevingne and Nicky Hilton, has acquainted Beatrice with a cadre of her preferred designers, including The Vampire’s Wife and Self Portrait.

The stylist articulated, “I derive satisfaction from pushing the boundaries of my clients while remaining steadfast in adhering to their intrinsic style codes.

“I eschew one-dimensionality; what truly gratifies me is granting them artistic liberty. Subsequently, we convene halfway to conjure a resplendent visage.”

Buckingham delineated her introduction to collaborating with the York princess.

She expounded, “The entire process is a cooperative endeavor, particularly in the curation of the ultimate appearance,” in her conversation with The Mail.

“We engage in dialogues about the event’s nature and the style that would be most apropos, down to minute particulars such as adornments and footwear.

“We share the conviction that if a woman can harness empowerment and confidence through her attire, that is indeed the rightful purpose it should serve.”

Princess BeatriceOne of Beatrice’s most indelible moments in the realm of fashion was her wedding day in 2020.

The princess donned a vintage gown, a creation of Norman Hartnell, previously graced by her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

At the recent Jordanian royal wedding, Princess Beatrice appeared resplendent in a floor-sweeping Reem Acra gown.

She has also forsaken the atypical hues and idiosyncratic headwear that used to be her signature.

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