Prince William will be a ‘radical’ and ‘relevant’ monarch – exclusive

Prince William will be a ‘radical’ and ‘relevant’ monarch – exclusive

Prince William has returned to his Windsor residence following a triumphant week in Singapore, where he presided over The Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony in the company of numerous A-List luminaries.

In his concluding remarks, the future King articulated a surprising vision, expressing his desire to transcend not only the legacy of the late Queen Elizabeth II but also that of his father, King Charles.

“I aspire to effect tangible change and bring influential individuals to the table who can enact change if I’m unable to do so,” he conveyed to the British print media accompanying him.

Indeed, Prince William envisions a departure from conventional approaches in the future, a sentiment explored by Sunday Times royal editor and broadcaster Roya Nikkhah in the latest episode of A Right Royal Podcast, presented in collaboration with True Royalty TV.

Engaging in conversation with hosts Andrea Caamano, Emmy Griffiths, and HELLO!’s royal editor Emily Nash, Roya predicted that William is poised to be a “radical monarch.”

“I anticipate him being an exceedingly radical monarch,” she articulated in the episode, available for listening below.

“I anticipate a significant metamorphosis in the monarchy’s visage in a relatively short span. I believe he will effect substantial changes.

“I reckon he possesses a vision for the monarchy, part of which will retain familiarity, yet a considerable portion will undergo transformation.”

In response to inquiries about the semblance of William’s envisioned monarchy to other European royal families, Roya remarked, “He acknowledges the deep affection many hold for the institution. He recognizes that a sizable portion of the populace, particularly the younger demographic, may not share the same level of enthusiasm. Nevertheless, the British royal family will endure.

“Shortly after his coronation, I gleaned that the customary service was not to his liking. He was keen to emphasize that his coronation would deviate significantly, adopting a more contemporary outlook. Even in the initial days following his father’s coronation, he hinted at forthcoming substantial changes during his reign.”

Roya and Emily went on to delineate the traditional royal events likely to undergo modification under the Prince’s auspices, where a reduction in pomp is anticipated to render the monarchy more pertinent.

Regarding the nomenclature he might adopt upon ascending the throne, Roya expressed unwavering certainty about the choice the father-of-three is likely to make.

Meanwhile, in a different segment of the episode, director of an eco-centric company and former recipient of the Earthshot prize, Vaitea Cowan, delved into the intricacies of winning the £1 million award and recounted her initial correspondence with Prince William’s team during the pandemic.

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