Prince William reveals himself to be a secret Swiftie during red carpet appearance

Prince William reveals himself to be a secret Swiftie during red carpet appearance

The Prince of Wales dropped a hint that he’s a big fan of Taylor Swift. He gave a nod to being a “Swiftie” as he attended the Tusk Conservation Awards at London’s Savoy Hotel.

During the awards, Prince William chatted with Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones. The event aimed to honor the achievements of top African conservationists.

The Rolling Stones are gearing up for a tour in the US and Canada next year. They recently released their 24th studio album, Hackney Diamonds.

After talking to Prince William about the tour and the new album, Ronnie Wood, the 76-year-old guitarist, encouraged the prince to join the tour. He mentioned Taylor Swift, and Prince William was on board, saying, “I’m there then.”

This isn’t the first time Prince William and Taylor Swift have crossed paths. They met in 2013 at a charity fundraiser where Prince William joined Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi on stage to sing Livin’ On A Prayer.

Behind the Scenes with Prince William

Reflecting on the experience in 2021 during the Apple Fitness+ Time To Walk series, Prince William shared his feelings. Despite seeming composed, he admitted to a lot of sweating beneath his black tie. He compared himself to a swan, calm on the outside but paddling fast on the inside.

Prince William acknowledged that while he’s comfortable with speeches, singing took him out of his comfort zone. He emphasized the societal pressures and the need to embrace making a fool of oneself at times.

Taylor Swift’s Perspective

In 2014, Taylor Swift appeared on The Graham Norton Show, revealing that Prince William was “kinda freaking out a little bit” before their joint performance. She recalled his plea for her to join him on stage, leading to a memorable rendition of Livin’ on a Prayer.

Prince of Wales and Conservation

The Prince of Wales has been supporting Tusk since 2005 and played a role in launching their annual awards in 2013. These awards recognize individuals working to protect Africa’s iconic animals and habitats.

Since its start, the Tusk Conservation Awards have acknowledged 55 conservation leaders from 20 countries. Prince William, discussing the event, highlighted the challenges faced by these leaders and emphasized the disproportionate impact of climate change on Africa.

He pointed out that Africans contribute only a quarter of the global average in emissions, yet they face significant losses due to climate change. Despite the challenges, Prince William expressed optimism, stating that the stories shared at the awards offer hope for positive change.

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