Prince William rehearses in trainers in incredible behind-the-scenes photos from Earthshot Prize Awards

Prince William rehearses in trainers in incredible behind-the-scenes photos from Earthshot Prize Awards

Prince William’s Earthshot Prize Awards, slated for Sunday, were showcased with the Prince of Wales engrossed in meticulous rehearsals, an event that actually unfolded on Tuesday.

Within a fresh array of exclusive behind-the-scenes visuals, William, clad in a distinguished black tuxedo, was visibly dedicated to rehearsals. Contrary to his formal attire, he opted for a more relaxed choice in footwear, donning a pristine pair of white trainers. Onstage, the father-of-three meticulously recited his lines and engaged in discussions with event coordinators.

Transitioning to the main event, William exchanged the informal footwear for a pair of sleek, formal black shoes.

In a series of captivating photographs, William shared the spotlight with event organizers. A particularly compelling image captured the Prince poised to step onto the stage, bathed in the glow of myriad lights.

A candid moment immortalized the 41-year-old, radiantly smiling and enjoying a beverage from a carton while stationed in a backstage area. Another behind-the-scenes glimpse featured him adjusting his bowtie with precision before making his way onstage.

The recent Earthshot Awards unfolded in Singapore, and upon his arrival, the royal remarked, “It’s truly gratifying to revisit Singapore for the Earthshot Prize ceremony after an interval of eleven years. Singapore’s audacious vision to lead in environmental innovation establishes a benchmark for others to emulate.

He went on, expressing gratitude, “I extend my appreciation to the people of Singapore for hosting us this week. Let’s draw inspiration from the remarkable initiatives underway here as we applaud this year’s Earthshot Prize finalists.

“The Earthshot Prize draws inspiration from President John F. Kennedy’s ‘Moonshot’ initiative in the 1960s, rallying millions to support the US space program. It is centered on five ‘Earthshot’ objectives: Safeguard and rejuvenate nature; Address climate challenges; Purify our air; Restore our oceans; Construct a world free of waste.

The host for this year’s ceremony was none other than Hannah Waddingham, renowned for her role in Ted Lasso. Anticipating her hosting responsibilities, she enthusiastically declared, “I am absolutely delighted to preside over this year’s Earthshot Prize Awards in Singapore.” Reflecting on the work of the 2023 Prize Finalists, she remarked, “It serves as a beacon of hope, a testament to the potency of optimism, innovation, and human resourcefulness.”

She continued, expressing her honor, “It is a momentous privilege to collaborate with The Prince of Wales for this captivating evening and contribute to disseminating the inspiring narratives and solutions of the Finalists to the world.”

Notably, William journeyed to Singapore without his wife, Princess Kate. This decision stemmed from the simultaneous occurrence of Prince George’s exams and is understood as a display of support from the Princess, who chose to remain in the UK alongside the young Prince.

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