Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud to continue over Christmas as Princess Kate steps back

Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud to continue over Christmas as Princess Kate steps back

The ongoing discord between Prince William and Prince Harry is set to persist throughout the Christmas season, with Princess Kate refraining from her previous mediation efforts, as reported by a royal analyst.

The Duke of Sussex and the Prince and Princess of Wales are currently in a state of estrangement.

Over the past few years, the relationship between the Sussexes and the Royal Family has steadily deteriorated, marked by several instances of public criticism directed at the monarchy.

In January, Prince Harry unveiled his memoir, “Spare,” in which he levied multiple criticisms against William and his brother’s spouse.

Jennie Bond, a distinguished royal commentator, has asserted that Princess Kate will not be involved in reconciliation efforts during this ongoing dispute, which shows no signs of resolution in the near future.

Bond expressed, “Catherine was deeply wounded by some of the statements Harry made about her, particularly within his literary work. Regrettably, given the entrenched stances adopted by both parties, with neither showing a willingness to initiate contact, it is improbable that this divide will heal any time soon.

“Catherine has previously acted as a peacemaker, facilitating amicable interactions between William and Harry. This proclivity may be traced back to her familial background and the principles she upholds.”

“However, it appears that she has reached a point where she deems it necessary to withdraw her involvement. The situation has now escalated to an extent where she feels emotionally distressed, slighted, and deeply wounded.”

Earlier this month, an undisclosed source divulged to Closer Magazine that Prince William and Kate harbor feelings of resentment towards the Sussexes due to the increased responsibilities they have had to shoulder following Megxit.

The source elaborated, “Prince William and Kate harbor a profound sense of bitterness towards Meghan and Harry, who left them with the additional workload they had relinquished upon relocating to the United States.

“This added burden has considerably expanded their responsibilities, but it has also taken a toll on their marital and family life. At times, it seems as if they are struggling under the relentless pressure.

“With less time spent together at home and increased periods of separation, they continually find themselves being pulled in opposing directions. They insist that this predicament would not have arisen had Harry and Meghan not abdicated their royal obligations.”

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