Prince of Walesis a ‘hands-on, caring dad’ and not a ‘workaholic like his father’

 Prince William has received compliments for being actively involved and nurturing as a father, acknowledging the significance of having a strong family bond. This evaluation arises in light of a comparison made between the number of official commitments Prince Charles and King Charles, known for his diligent work ethic, have undertaken. In the year 2022, Prince William, aged 40, participated in 190 official engagements, which is less than half the 497 engagements fulfilled by his father. Nevertheless, Jennie Bond, a former BBC royal correspondent, has commended Prince William’s contemporary approach to his royal responsibilities.

Jennie Bond remarked that the heir to the throne, Prince William, is giving priority to his role as a father to his children, Prince George (nine), Princess Charlotte (eight), and Prince Louis (five). She mentioned that at this crucial stage in his children’s lives, Prince William is making a conscious effort to spend time with them during weekends, holidays, and whenever possible. Speaking to OK! magazine, Jennie Bond shared her observations, stating that due to the declining health of the late Queen, Prince William may have had to assume his royal duties on a full-time basis sooner than anticipated. Nevertheless, she expressed admiration for his commitment to both his royal responsibilities and his family. She further emphasized that unlike his father, Prince William is not a workaholic and recognizes the significance of family life. Jennie Bond described him as an actively involved, caring father who is fully dedicated to his parental role.

Prince William has previously expressed his concerns about his father’s workaholic tendencies, as he shared during a BBC documentary in 2018 his desire for more “family time” with him. In a candid conversation featured in the documentary “Prince, Son and Heir – Charles at 70,” William disclosed his efforts to prioritize spending quality time with his father. He stated that he is actively working on this aspect, emphasizing his wish for his father to have more opportunities to bond with his children. Acknowledging that his father does allocate some time for family, William expressed his desire for further involvement. He mentioned that reaching the milestone of his 70th year presents an ideal opportunity to consolidate family connections. Like any concerned family, William emphasized the importance of having his father around and ensuring his well-being, even though he acknowledged his father’s remarkable fitness. Ultimately, William expressed his wish for his father’s good health to continue until a ripe age, like 95.

Prince William expressed his desire for increased quality time with his father, emphasizing the joy it would bring to have him present at home and actively engaging with his grandchildren. He highlighted his father’s brilliance when he is around and emphasized the importance of his consistent presence. Queen Camilla, who was the Duchess of Cornwall at the time, also shared her observations during the documentary. She described how Prince Charles would enthusiastically interact with his grandchildren, even getting down on his knees and playfully crawling with them for extended periods. She mentioned his talent for reading stories like Harry Potter, skillfully imitating different voices, which the children greatly appreciated. The grandchildren have developed a deep fondness for him, as he brings immense joy to their lives through his playful interactions.

Camilla shared a personal anecdote in which her father advised her on the importance of pacing oneself as they age. She expressed her desire to convey the same message to Prince Charles, but acknowledged that it is unlikely to happen.

During the documentary, Prince William discussed the delicate balance between nurturing a private family life and fulfilling the responsibilities of a public-facing royal role. Reflecting on his father’s efforts to navigate this challenge, William acknowledged his father’s remarkable personal discipline. He mentioned feeling frustrated in the past due to his father’s strict routine, as it often compartmentalizes various tasks and commitments. Prince Charles possesses an unwavering work ethic and rarely takes breaks, continuously striving to fit everything into his schedule.

During their childhood, Prince Charles had an overwhelming amount of work that required his attention, with bags upon bags of tasks being sent to his office. It was challenging for his children to even reach his desk to bid him goodnight.

In May, a comprehensive record of royal engagements attended over the past decade was published, revealing that King Charles had the highest number of engagements. Between 2013 and 2022, he successfully completed 4,854 engagements, according to the annual figures compiled by renowned royal observer Tim O’Donovan from Datchet in Berkshire.

In comparison, Prince William participated in 1,704 engagements, while Princess Kate carried out 1,024 engagements. On the other hand, Meghan, prior to stepping down as a senior royal and relocating to the United States with Harry in 2020, completed 179 engagements, placing her at the bottom of the engagement list.

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