Prince of Wales and Prince George are identical in sweet photos

 Prince George is growing up and, with each passing year, he is increasingly resembling his father, Prince William. The two share a striking resemblance, from their blonde hair to their charming smiles, and this is hard to miss.

The team at Royaldailyimages! has been taking a deep dive into the royal archives to unearth some of the sweetest photos that highlight the similarity between the father and son duo. From photos of Prince George as a tiny tot to his recent appearances, the resemblance is clear to see.

In one photo, taken when Prince George was a young boy, he and his father have big eyes, squishy cheeks, and button noses that are identical. In addition to their looks, the two are often twinning in the sweetest outfits, complete with matching peter pan collars.

One of Prince George’s most iconic appearances was at his sister Princess Charlotte’s Christening in 2015. He was wearing a very familiar outfit, the inspiration behind which came from his father’s super sweet red shorts and white shirt combo, which he had first worn back in 1984 to visit his baby brother, Prince Harry.

In 2017, Prince George charmed royal well-wishers on the royal balcony at Trooping the Colour. He appeared utterly captivated by the military display unfolding before his eyes, just like his father had been in 1985, when he was photographed at various moments pointing and cheering with delight.

Both father and son have shown nerves on their respective first days of school. Prince William was comforted by his mother, Princess Diana, as he headed out for his very first day at Wetherby School. Prince George, meanwhile, looked particularly bashful as he passed through the gates of his new school, Thomas’s Battersea.

In 2022, Prince George made his debut in the carriage procession during Trooping the Colour, alongside his siblings and mother, Princess Kate. A slightly hesitant Prince George could be seen waving alongside his siblings – and he looked just like his dad!

Prince George’s resemblance to his father was also on full display during the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Dressed in a dapper navy suit, the young royal echoed his father during his very first royal engagement which took place in Cardiff, 1991.

As Prince George continues to grow up and make more appearances, it is clear that he is increasingly resembling his father, Prince William. From their looks to their mannerisms, the two share a special bond that is evident to all those who observe them. It will be interesting to see how Prince George continues to follow in his father’s footsteps as he grows up and takes on more royal duties.

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