Prince Harry’s friend admits Duke went ‘rogue’ ahead of major royal milestone

Prince Harry’s friend admits Duke went ‘rogue’ ahead of major royal milestone

Prince Harry’s Invictus Games have enjoyed significant success since their inauguration in 2014. However, David Wiseman, a close confidant of Harry and a director at the Invictus Games Foundation, recounted a surprising episode when Harry deviated from the expected narrative regarding the event’s inaugural timeline.

In a conversation on HELLO!’s A Right Royal Podcast, David reminisced about the inspiration they garnered during their visit to the Warrior Games, an American event dedicated to injured service members and veterans. Harry harbored a desire to “globalize” the games.

He articulated, “The morning after our visit, we found ourselves in a hotel in Colorado, casually reflecting on the remarkable spectacle we had witnessed. It wasn’t a formal meeting, just a breakfast conversation. Yet, Harry, in his characteristic visionary style, exclaimed, ‘This is undeniably remarkable. What we’ve witnessed here is extraordinary. We must internationalize this endeavor. We should extend invitations to allies and nations worldwide, host it at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, secure BBC coverage, and culminate with a grand closing concert.’ He envisioned this before anyone else could fathom it.”

He continued, “To anyone who might have entertained doubts, from my personal encounters, I can affirm that Harry was the visionary from the outset, deeply committed and exceptionally proud of his role in this venture.”

Elaborating on his royal friend’s “rogue” decision, David went on to say, “We were oblivious to the ambitious timeframe he had in mind. Bear in mind, this transpired in May 2013. Later that day, during our return to the Warrior Games, he took to the podium, and while the official speech indicated a desire to pursue this, he slipped in his personal note stating ‘next year.’

He truly went ‘rogue.’ We were taken aback. ‘Next year?’ At that time, a small team of us at the Royal Foundation was overseeing this initiative. Come September 2014, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park witnessed the launch of the Invictus Games, albeit by the narrowest of margins.” In the inaugural edition of the Invictus Games in 2014, participation extended to nine nations, with Jill Biden representing the United States and the Foo Fighters headlining the closing concert. It was a resounding success. David went on to emphasize, “It was a colossal feat, and we orchestrated it all from May 2013 to September 2014.”

David further lauded Prince Harry’s approachability, asserting, “He effortlessly assimilates and blends in; he is a jovial individual who seamlessly integrates into the military milieu. I’ve encountered him not only in military settings but also during various civilian engagements, and his camaraderie with veterans and military personnel is unmistakable.”

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