It's great to hear that Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg visited the exhibition “D’histoires et d’art” at the Nationalmusée um Fëschmaart (MNAHA). This exhibition appears to offer a fascinating look into Luxembourg's art history during the 1700s, shedding light on the lives of artists from that period and the diverse range of paintings they created. The inclusion of altarpieces, religious works, and portraits in the exhibition suggests a rich and varied artistic heritage in Luxembourg during that era. It's wonderful that the royal couple showed an interest in exploring and appreciating their country's cultural history.

It's interesting to learn that the exhibition “D’histoires et d’art” is based on the research of the Belgian-Luxembourgish art historian Henri Carême, who completed his thesis at UCLouvain. The fact that his thesis forms the foundation of the exhibition's catalogue underscores the significance of his work in shedding light on this lesser-known chapter of Luxembourg's art history in the 1700s. It's also noteworthy that the National Research Fund of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg provided financial support for this research, highlighting the importance of preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the country. This exhibition and the research behind it seem like a valuable contribution to Luxembourg's art and historical knowledge.

It's wonderful to hear that Grand Duke Henri and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg attended the Salon du CAL 2023 Fair at the Tramsschapp Culture Center, which was part of the 9th edition of the Luxembourg Art Week. This fair provides an important platform for showcasing the contemporary art scene in Luxembourg and potentially includes the work of non-resident and foreign artists as well. Such events are crucial for promoting cultural exchange and fostering appreciation for the arts within the country. It's great to see the royal family's involvement in supporting and celebrating the arts in Luxembourg.

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