As Princess Leonor of Spain, the designated successor to the throne, approaches her 18th birthday on the 31st of October, she is on the verge of attaining adulthood. The Spanish Royal Court has unveiled a collection of hitherto unreleased photographs that capture poignant moments from Princess Leonor of Spain's formative years. Additionally, the City of Madrid has unveiled an official portrait in anticipation of Crown Princess Leonor of Spain's impending 18th birthday celebration.

Princess Leonor of Spain's forthcoming birthday will be commemorated with a solemn ceremony at the Spanish Parliament. During this event, she will solemnly pledge allegiance to the Constitution, followed by the bestowal of accolades from both the Congress and the Senate. Subsequently, a regal reception will take place at the Royal Palace in Madrid, culminating in an intimate family gathering at El Pardo Palace.

The City of Madrid also released an official portrait ahead of Princess Leonor's 18th birthday.


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