Peter Phillips opens up about Princess Anne as a grandmother to his and Zara Tindall’s kids

 Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, will celebrate her 73rd birthday on Tuesday. She is the mother of Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall, and has five grandchildren. Anne is a busy royal with a packed schedule of engagements, but what is she like off-duty?

Anne is known for her no-nonsense attitude and her love of horses. She is also a keen sportswoman and has competed in the Olympics. In her spare time, Anne enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as riding horses and playing golf.

She is a down-to-earth royal who is not afraid to speak her mind. She is also a very dedicated mother and grandmother. Anne is a true asset to the royal family and is sure to have a happy birthday surrounded by her loved ones.

Princess Anne’s children, Peter and Zara, appeared in a documentary about her 70th birthday in 2020. The documentary included a video call between Anne and the late Queen, which was a highlight of the program.

Peter and Zara both live on Anne’s estate in Gloucestershire, so they are close by for family gatherings. Peter said that his mother loves seeing her grandchildren ride horses, have Sunday lunches with them, and take them for walks. Zara joked that they like to leave their children with Anne on Sundays and pick them up later.

The documentary gave a glimpse into Anne’s life as a grandmother and showed how close she is to her children and grandchildren. It also showed the strong bond between Anne and the Queen.

Princess Anne, was seen enjoying the Festival of British Eventing with her grandchildren, Peter and Zara Phillips, at her estate in Gatcombe Park. The event is held annually and is a popular event for the royal family. Peter and Zara are the eldest grandchildren of the late Queen, but they were not given royal titles when they were born. This was a decision made by their parents, Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips.

Princess Anne’s children, Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall, have spoken about how they were raised to be independent and not rely on their royal titles. Peter said that they were always taught that they would have to work for a living, regardless of their family connections. Zara agreed, saying that it made them “fight harder” to be successful.

Princess Anne explained her decision not to give her children titles, saying that she wanted them to have a more normal upbringing. She said that she knew that living with the pressure of being a royal could be difficult, and she wanted to give her children the opportunity to live their own lives.

Peter and Zara are both successful in their own right. Peter is head of partner acquisition for the sports and entertainment rights agency CSM Sport & Entertainment, while Zara is an Olympic equestrian. They both say that they are grateful to their mother for not giving them titles, and they believe that it has helped them to achieve their goals.

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