Peter Morgan (The Crown Creator) Admits Why He Didn’t Read ‘a Word’ of Prince Harry’s Memoir Spare

Peter Morgan (The Crown Creator) Admits Why He Didn’t Read ‘a Word’ of Prince Harry’s Memoir Spare
Peter Morgan (The Crown Creator) Admits Why He Didn't Read 'a Word' of Prince Harry's Memoir Spare

In the forthcoming and final installment of “The Crown,” the persona of Prince Harry is slated to make an appearance. However, it is worth noting that the narrative of his memoir did not wield any influence over the show’s script.

Peter Morgan, the mastermind behind the acclaimed royal saga on Netflix, recently conveyed to Variety that he abstained from perusing “Spare,” the Duke of Sussex’s candid literary work, which made its debut earlier this year.

“I have yet to peruse a single word from its pages,” Morgan disclosed in a recent interview. “This is not indicative of a lack of curiosity on my part, but rather a conscious decision. I was mindful of the idea that his narrative might subconsciously shape my creative thinking. I do harbor a considerable degree of empathy for his perspective, I must admit. Nonetheless, I was resolute in my choice not to engage with his literary offering.”

Morgan expounded that his creative focal point for the series remained steadfastly fixed upon the British throne’s line of direct succession, encompassing Queen Elizabeth, King Charles, and Prince William. Although Prince Harry’s character is slated to play a more prominent role in the upcoming sixth and final season, set to premiere next month, Morgan clarified that this heightened prominence is predominantly in relation to Prince William.

Peter Morgan (The Crown Creator) Admits Why He Didn't Read 'a Word' of Prince Harry's Memoir Spare
Prince Harry’s book Spare. PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE

Prince Harry, who, in partnership with his spouse Meghan Markle, has an affiliation with Netflix, has previously characterized “The Crown” as a work of fiction.

He articulated, “This production does not present itself as a conduit for factual news. It resides within the realm of fiction. However, it is loosely anchored in veracity. Undeniably, its adherence to historical accuracy is tenuous at best,” asserted the 39-year-old Duke of Sussex during his appearance on James Corden’s late-night program in 2021. “It affords viewers a rough sketch of the aristocratic way of life, the onerous demands of prioritizing duty and service over familial ties and other considerations, and the potential repercussions thereof.”

He further added, “I find greater solace in the portrayal provided by ‘The Crown’ than in the narratives disseminated concerning my family, my wife, or myself. It is important to bear in mind that the series is overtly a work of fiction – its interpretation varies depending on the beholder. However, the narratives spun around us are often presented as concrete facts due to their purportedly journalistic nature.”

In a notable revelation, Morgan disclosed that he has never engaged in discourse regarding the series with Prince Harry, and Ted Sarandos, the co-chief executive officer of Netflix, iterated to the press, “We intentionally uphold a formidable barrier around this subject matter during our discussions, and this policy is manifestly for self-evident reasons.”

The character of Prince Harry (portrayed by actors Fflyn Edwards and Luther Ford as he advances in age) will assume a more central role in the conclusive season of the series, spanning the years from 1997 to 2005. “The Crown” will delve into the heartrending tragedy of their mother, Princess Diana, a topic that Prince Harry, who was a mere 12 years old at the time of the fatal car accident in Paris, pondered upon in his memoir, “Spare.”

The heart-wrenching moment when Prince Harry received the news of his mother’s involvement in the accident from his father, Charles, was documented in his book. He recollected, “I vividly recall waiting patiently for my father’s confirmation of my mother’s well-being. Alas, that confirmation was never forthcoming.”

Peter Morgan (The Crown Creator) Admits Why He Didn't Read 'a Word' of Prince Harry's Memoir Spare
Prince Harry arrives at court in London on June 6, 2023. NEIL MOCKFORD/GC IMAGES

In the vicinity of his book’s release, Prince Harry conveyed to PEOPLE that his public and private identities are profoundly molded by his role as the “spare” to Prince William.

He articulated, “While I acknowledge that significant aspects of my life may appear distant and unrelatable to many, I firmly believe that the struggle against the imposing shadow of comparison is a sentiment that resonates with most siblings, including my brother and me.”

Regarding his aspirations for his family’s response to his memoir, the Duke of Sussex remarked, “I have no intention of dictating the interpretation of this literary work to anyone, including my own family. This tome, with its unvarnished portrayal of my existence, encapsulates the full spectrum of my life experiences – the triumphs, the tribulations, and everything in between.”

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