On the eve of October 20th, the Distinguished Royal Family graced the exquisite “Centenary Ball,” an event meticulously orchestrated in honor of Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The regal ensemble consisted of Prince Albert, Princess Stephanie, Louis Ducruet, Marie Ducruet, and Camille Gottlieb, who convened within the splendid confines of the Atrium at the Monte-Carlo Casino. This grand affair, besides its splendid magnificence, served as a benevolent conduit, channeling resources towards the noble cause of the Fight Aids Monaco Association, a laudable foundation, meticulously established by Princess Stephanie in the year 2004.

Such elegant soirées of grandeur bear their origins in the foresight of the Société des Bains de Mer (SBM), a society dedicated to the promotion of sea baths and the assimilation of foreign residents into the principality of Monaco. The inaugural gala bore the august presence of Prince Rainier III and his illustrious consort, Princess Grace. The august duo, in their wisdom, envisaged that every societal commemoration ought to be a splendid occasion for contributing generously to the realms of charitable causes and environmental preservation.

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