King Charles’ sadness revealed as late Queen’s best friend dies

King Charles’ sadness revealed as late Queen’s best friend dies

King Charles is grieving over the loss of a cherished family friend. Prudence, Lady Penn, who was a loyal companion and former lady-in-waiting to the late Queen Elizabeth II, has passed away at the age of 97.

Lady Penn, affectionately known as Prue, was the widow of Sir Eric Penn, who once held the position of Comptroller of the Lord Chamberlain’s Office. Living in close proximity to Buckingham Palace over the years, Prue developed a deep connection as a confidant and close friend to the royal family.

“I suppose people may now see a 91-year-old lady and forget she was once young,” she remarked in the Channel 5 documentary, “Elizabeth: Our Queen,” back in 2018. Reflecting on shared experiences, she recalled accompanying Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip to a nightclub in Leicester Square called The 400, a popular spot at the time.

“We had drinks, something to eat, and we danced. She loved to engage in normal activities, just like any young person would.”

Lady Penn’s close ties extended to Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother. In 2016, the public witnessed the pair dining at Mayfair restaurant Bellamys, celebrating Prue’s 90th birthday.

Lady Penn held a significant place in the heart of King Charles. The Telegraph reported that, as Prince Charles, he had confided in her about his concerns regarding his marriage to Lady Diana Spencer. When Charles ascended to the throne, she expressed to a friend, “Have you noticed how our new Sovereign seems to have grown in stature overnight? He looks every inch a king. I am devoted to him and believe he will assume the mantle with sensitivity, wisdom, and strength.”

In 2002, Lady Penn was appointed LVO in the honors list. She is survived by her two sons and a daughter.

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