King Charles photographed by Rankin in striking birthday portrait

King Charles photographed by Rankin in striking birthday portrait

A novel portrayal of His Majesty, crafted by the esteemed photographer Rankin, has been unveiled by Buckingham Palace in anticipation of the monarch’s 75th birthday on November 14.

Captured amidst the greenery of Clarence House last month, the King’s image was immortalized for the launch of the Coronation Food Project, an initiative aimed at benefiting both humanity and the planet.

The commission, orchestrated by the Big Issue, features the King’s contemplations on his birthday aspiration—putting an end to both food waste and food poverty.

According to an insider from the royal circles speaking to HELLO!, “The King is cognizant of the multitude of celebrations throughout the past year. His resolve was steadfast in ensuring a lasting legacy stemming from his Coronation and birthday.”

In his poignant contribution to the Big Issue, His Majesty articulates, “The exigency of food need is as palpable and pressing as that of food waste. If a means could be devised to bridge this chasm, it would simultaneously tackle two issues.”

“My fervent wish is that the Coronation Food Project will devise pragmatic solutions—rescuing surplus food and channeling it to those most in need.”

Rankin, reflecting on his role in this endeavor, expressed, “It was an absolute honor to capture the essence of the King for this special issue. I’ve always perceived him as an exceedingly resilient human being, and that tenacity is what I aimed to encapsulate.”

Paul McNamee, helming the editorial reins of the Big Issue, remarked, “This cover arrives at a pivotal juncture, offering support to vendors facing a challenging winter. We anticipate a boost in their sales, a core facet of our existence.”

Both the King and Prince of Wales have previously collaborated with the Big Issue, a champion for those grappling with homelessness. Prince William, even undercover, assumed the role of a street vendor last year.

Buckingham Palace, in tandem, has unveiled an official emblem for the Project, an artistic creation by Sir Jonny Ive and the creative collective LoveFrom.

This initiative aims to bridge the void between surplus food destined for waste and the entities and individuals in dire need. It encompasses refrigeration, storage, transport, and distribution services.

On the King’s birthday, a visit to one of the Project’s food distribution hubs is slated, preceding a private celebration with close friends and family at Clarence House.

Simultaneously, an animation spotlighting The Coronation Food Project will grace Piccadilly Circus on the same day.

The fruition of this project, months in the making, is overseen by Baroness Louise Casey and Dame Martina Milburn, former chief executive of the Prince’s Trust, now renamed to align with the King’s accession.

The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund, the orchestrator of The Coronation Food Project, has now metamorphosed into the King Charles III Charitable Fund. The Trust is now the King’s Trust, and the Prince’s Foundation is rebranded as the King’s Foundation.

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