King Charles makes low-key appearance in Sandringham following sad news

King Charles makes low-key appearance in Sandringham following sad news

King Charles III went to church in Sandringham last Sunday.

The king, who is 75 years old, looked very happy as he came to St Mary Magdalene Church in Norfolk for the morning service.

Before the service, Charles greeted Reverend Canon Paul Williams warmly. The royal and the reverend shook hands, and both shared friendly smiles.

For this special occasion, King Charles wore a warm cappuccino tweed coat with two big pockets. He paired it with smart charcoal trousers, a crisp shirt, toffee suede brogues, and a festive red tie.

To face the cold weather, Charles wore thick gloves and held a navy umbrella, just in case it rained.

The beautiful 16th-century chapel is on the King’s Sandringham estate, which he got from his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

After the sad loss of Queen Elizabeth II, the King continued her tradition of spending Christmas at the estate. He goes to church with his family on Christmas Day.

Sandringham was where the late queen spent her winter break, staying there during the festive period before going back to London after her father, King George VI’s death anniversary on 6 February.

King Charles’s visit to Sandringham followed the mourning of a family friend, Prudence, Lady Penn, Queen Elizabeth II’s loyal companion and former lady-in-waiting.

Lady Penn, also known as Prue, was the widow of Sir Eric Penn, the one-time Comptroller of the Lord Chamberlain’s Office. She lived close to Buckingham Palace and became a close friend of the royals, including Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, and the Queen Mother.

When Charles became King, Lady Penn shared her confidence with a friend: “Have you noticed how our new Sovereign seems to have grown in stature overnight? He looks every inch a king. I am devoted to him and know that he will take on the mantle with sensitivity, wisdom, and strength.”

Lady Penn was also appointed LVO in the 2002 demise honors list. She is survived by her two sons and a daughter.

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