How Princess of Wales broke tradition with new photos of Prince Louis

Prince Louis celebrated his fifth birthday on April 23, and in honor of his special day, the Prince and Princess of Wales released a set of new photographs of the little prince. The photos show Louis sat in a wheelbarrow being pushed by his mother, Princess Kate. The picture marks the first time that the Princess of Wales has appeared in one of Louis’s birthday snaps.

This year’s birthday photos also broke the precedent set by previous years as it was the first time that Princess of Wales did not take the photo of her youngest son herself. Instead, the couple turned to Millie Pilkington, a photographer with a longstanding relationship with the royal family, who took the snaps in the grounds of the family’s Windsor home last week.

In previous years, Princess of Wales has taken all of Louis’s birthday photos, including a trio of images for his first birthday, which were taken at their home in Norfolk. The second birthday photos showed the cheeky toddler with paint covering his hands and face, and sporting a blue checked shirt. The pictures for his third birthday again showed the little prince dressed all in blue and riding his bike on his first day at nursery. Last year, the Prince and Princess shared beautiful images of Louis at the beach, dressed in a blue and white checked shirt and a grey jumper embellished with red, yellow, and blue stars – all taken by his mother.

Princess of Wales, an amateur photographer, former art history student, and patron of the Royal Photographic Society, is often credited with taking the portraits of her children that are released on birthdays, the first day of school, and other special occasions. She has a natural talent behind the camera and has been known to share tips on location, light, settings, and styles with professional photographers.

Matt Porteous, a top photographer, previously spoke about working with Princess of Wales, saying, “Catherine is an amazing photographer. We have both shared tips on location and talked about light, settings and styles. Catherine has an amazing eye for photos, so will always point us in the right direction for light and backdrops. I’m always looking for the best light and will work with this in every scene.”

The birthday photos of Prince Louis, taken by Millie Pilkington, have been praised for their beauty and charm. The little prince looks adorable in his shorts, shirt, and navy sweater as he sits in the wheelbarrow pushed by his mother. The family has not revealed how they celebrated Louis’s fifth birthday, but it is likely that they marked the occasion with a small family gathering.

The release of Louis’s birthday photos is a delightful reminder of the royal family’s charm and glamour. It is also a testament to the couple’s willingness to try new things and break with tradition when it comes to their family’s portraits. As always, the pictures have received widespread admiration and appreciation from fans and well-wishers around the world.

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