How Prince William tried to pick up his dad Charles’ posh accent

How Prince William tried to pick up his dad Charles’ posh accent

One of the royal family’s most notable features is their manner of speech and the language they employ. Whether it’s a member from any generation, a British royal is known for their dignified vocabulary and exceptional eloquence.

Providing an exclusive perspective, Ken Wharfe, Princess Diana’s former bodyguard, discussed in the latest episode of HELLO!’s A Right Royal Podcast his firsthand observations of the royal family’s refined way of speaking.

In particular, one recollection that stood out was Prince William’s attempt to mimic the sophisticated pronunciation of his father, Prince Charles, when William was just a child.

“I will always recall the first time I visited Highgrove, their residence in Gloucestershire,” Ken recounted to HELLO!’s A Right Royal Podcast. “I was sitting there one morning when William came in and said, ‘Ken, um, mummy wants to leave right, and we need to depart the house in 20 minutes.’”

When Ken inquired about William’s pronunciation of the words ‘out’ and ‘house’, the young royal at the time replied, “Because that’s how it is, Ken!” Ken then explained, “I told him, ‘Well, actually, it’s not. It’s: we’re going out, and we’re leaving the house.’”

To Ken’s surprise, two weeks later, he was confronted by Prince Charles himself regarding this minor royal intervention. In a more extended conversation, Ken remembered Prince Charles saying, “I understand you’ve been providing William with elocution lessons.”

Ken humorously remarked, “If you wished for a hole to magically appear in the floor, that would have been the perfect moment.” He continued, “[Prince Charles] handled it gracefully. He leaned back and adjusted his cuff. He only needed to utter a single word, essentially conveying ‘Enough and be quiet.’”

Furthermore, Ken noted, “He had a particular way of expressing himself with ‘Oh really?’ I find that phrase quite delightful. I heard it countless times from him, always with a unique twist. It was truly enjoyable.”

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