How Prince Louis is helping mum Princess Kate with her royal duties

How Prince Louis is helping mum Princess Kate with her royal duties

The Princess of Wales divulged how her five-year-old son, Prince Louis, actively contributes to her most significant royal initiative.

Prior to delivering a keynote address at the Shaping Us National Symposium, the 41-year-old Kate engaged in a conversation with the event’s compere and TV presenter, Fearne Cotton. During this discussion, Kate shed light on how Louis’ school plays a pivotal role in fostering dialogue on the early years.

Speaking to Fearne, Kate shared, “Louis’ class crafted a feelings wheel, quite ingenious… these young ones, aged five or six, associate names or images with colors representing their daily emotions. There’s a genuine enthusiasm in the school, especially in participating in meaningful conversations.”

Louis is currently in Year One at Lambrook Prep School in Berkshire, where his older siblings, ten-year-old Prince George and eight-year-old Princess Charlotte, are also enrolled.

Lambrook’s philosophy places a profound emphasis on the mental well-being of its students, equipping them with resilience skills to navigate challenges and encouraging them to seek help when needed.

In January, the Princess initiated her Shaping Us campaign, designed to underscore the critical importance of a child’s formative years.

On Wednesday, Kate’s Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood disseminated outcomes from its global listening exercise, involving experts from 21 countries. Described by the center’s director, Christian Guy, as “almost a manifesto for social and emotional skills,” the results were unveiled.

During her address, Kate advocated for comprehensive action to realign and rejuvenate society’s social and emotional skills.

She articulated, “Cultivating skills that empower us to understand ourselves, regulate emotions, concentrate our thoughts, communicate effectively, nurture positive relationships, and explore the world are equally crucial to our sustained success as traditional academics.”

“These competencies form the cornerstone, not only for fostering children’s well-being but also for the restoration, protection, and investment in humanity.

“Hence, rebalancing and restoring necessitate fresh perspectives and concerted action at every level. For the future of our children is a collaborative effort; shaped by the daily actions of each and every one of us.”

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