How King Charles III brought his own car on Germany state visit

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 Organizing royal tours requires an incredible amount of logistics, and during King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla’s recent three-day visit to Germany, they made use of the State Bentley. Although the couple traveled to Germany on the RAF Voyager with two German fighter jets escorting their plane as a mark of respect, the State Bentley was not carried on their flight. Instead, Bentley bore the cost and responsibility of transporting the car themselves.

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It’s not unusual for State vehicles to be flown overseas for State Visits, and in 2015, the late Queen Elizabeth II traveled in the State Bentley during her trip to Germany. Similarly, Last September, during the late Queen’s state funeral in London, US President Joe Biden utilized his armored limousine, which is famously referred to as “The Beast.”

The State Bentley is a unique car, as two were manufactured by Bentley as a gift for the Queen for her Golden Jubilee in 2002. The bodywork and glass of the car are armoured for the occupants’ protection, and the cabin can be sealed in case of a gas attack. Additionally, the car is blast-resistant, and its tyres are Kevlar-reinforced.

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The Queen used the cars up until her death in September 2022, and during her funeral procession from Scotland to London, the Princess Royal traveled in the State Bentley while accompanying her mother’s coffin.

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