Following Sad Anniversary, Duchess of Edinburgh Spotted Carriage Driving in Windsor

 The Duchess of Edinburgh, Sophie, has been pictured continuing the late Prince Philip’s legacy by carriage driving in Windsor over the weekend. Donning outwear, blue jeans, and brown boots, the Duchess practiced one of her late father-in-law’s favorite hobbies just days after the second anniversary of his passing.

Sophie, 58, had her blonde locks swept into a ponytail, which was tucked into a black baseball cap. The late Duke of Edinburgh died at the age of 99 at Windsor Castle on April 9, 2021.

Prince Philip was credited with bringing the sport of carriage driving to the UK and represented Britain in three European championships and six world championships. Sophie and Prince Edward’s daughter, Lady Louise Windsor, now 19, has followed in her grandfather’s footsteps to take up the sport.

Lady Louise is an accomplished carriage driver, having achieved third place in the Private Driving Singles carriage drive at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in 2019. The teenager drove one of her late grandfather’s carriages in front of the late Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Windsor Horse Show last year.

Sophie herself spoke about her love for carriage driving in an interview with BBC Radio 5 in 2021. She said, “The Duke was so pleased when [Lady Louise] took the sport up because I took it up – I was at the beginning of my carriage driving career and I fell pregnant with Louise, so I had to hang up the reins.”

She went on to describe how Prince Philip was always encouraging, and when Lady Louise showed a flair for the sport, he was “just brilliant with her.”

This year’s Royal Windsor Horse Show takes place from May 11 to 14, just days after King Charles’s coronation at Westminster Abbey on May 6. Lady Louise is expected to participate, and it will be an opportunity to showcase her skills in carriage driving.

Recently, Edward and Sophie were given new royal titles – Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh – on Edward’s 59th birthday. Buckingham Palace previously announced that Edward would eventually succeed his father as the Duke of Edinburgh, but not until after the death of both Philip and the Queen.

In conclusion, the Duchess of Edinburgh’s continuation of Prince Philip’s legacy through carriage driving is a heartwarming tribute to the late Duke. With Lady Louise’s success in the sport, the family’s passion for carriage driving is sure to continue for generations to come.

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