Everything ‘broody’ Princess Kate has said about a fourth baby

Everything ‘broody’ Princess Kate has said about a fourth baby

Guess what? The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, proud parents to the adorable trio—ten-year-old Prince George, eight-year-old Princess Charlotte, and the charming five-year-old Prince Louis—seem to have caught a case of baby fever. Yup, you heard it right!

Flashback to February 2022, and our beloved Princess, aged 41, spilled the beans about feeling “broody” while mingling with parents and their little bundles of joy at Copenhagen’s Children’s Museum. Playfully, she teased that her hubby, Prince William, gets a tad nervous when she hangs out with the under-one-year-olds because she returns home with a craving for “another one.”

Fast forward to May 2022, when Kate couldn’t resist cooing over an adorable baby during a school visit in Glasgow. William, with a twinkle in his eye, jokingly pleaded, “Can you rescue my wife before she catches the baby bug?”

Kate’s daily royal rendezvous often involves a delightful parade of babies and children, as seen in the heartwarming video below, especially since her major focus is on the early years.

Our Princess kickstarted the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in June 2021. Then, in January of this year, she launched a new awareness campaign called Shaping Us, highlighting the paramount importance of a child’s first five years and its lasting impact on their future.

Despite Kate’s baby fever confessions, it seems William has slammed the door on baby number four. Last year, during their visit to Lancashire, a cheeky comment slipped from William’s lips when Kate found herself cradling a precious three-and-a-half-month-old baby girl.

At Church on the Street in Burnley, as Kate adored little Anastasia Barrie alongside her parents Trudi and Alastair Barrie, William, looking amused, warned, “Don’t let her get any ideas,” causing a chorus of laughter. “You can’t take her with you,” he teased Kate with a grin.

In a rewind to February 2019 during their Northern Ireland tour, Kate couldn’t resist the baby charm. Meeting five-month-old James in Ballymena, she confessed, “He’s a heart-melter. Makes me feel all broody,” sending chuckles through the crowd. But when asked about a possible baby number four, she laughed and quipped, “I think William might be sweating a bit.”

Ah, the royal journey into parenthood began in July 2013 with the arrival of Prince George. Two years later, Princess Charlotte joined the royal family at the Lindo Wing, and in April 2018, Prince Louis made his debut. The Cambridge trio, a bundle of joy for sure!

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