Diana and Dodi storyline teased by Netflix with new pictures despite furious backlash

Diana and Dodi storyline teased by Netflix with new pictures despite furious backlash

Diana and Dodi storyline teased by Netflix with new pictures despite furious backlashNetflix has offered a tantalizing glimpse of an impending narrative featuring Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in the forthcoming Season Six of The Crown, despite facing vehement backlash over other aspects of the royal production.

The romantic liaison between Diana and Dodi unfolded in 1997, culminating in their tragic demise in a fateful car collision on the ill-fated day of August 31, 1997.

Freshly unveiled images from Season Six portray the ill-fated couple ensconced within an automobile, skillfully portrayed by the accomplished thespians, Elizabeth Debicki and Khalid Abdalla.

The streaming colossus has found itself in turbulent waters due to other plotlines anticipated to grace screens in the upcoming month of November.

Prince William, it is reported, finds himself “aghast” at the portrayal of his departed mother, Princess Diana, as a spectral presence in the impending series, with the role of Diana embodied by the luminary Debicki.

Debicki is poised to make posthumous appearances for an emotionally charged reconciliation with the then-Prince Charles, depicted by the accomplished Dominic West.

Additionally, Diana is slated for an encounter with Queen Elizabeth II, characterized by the skilled artistry of Imelda Staunton, as they deliberate her funeral arrangements.

A spokesperson for Netflix has staunchly defended their choice, asserting that Debicki’s posthumous depictions of Diana are “manifestations of the innermost cogitations.”

According to a confidant of the royal, Prince William contends that the media behemoth is “mercilessly capitalizing” on the Royal Family.

A close associate of the Prince of Wales expressed, “William harbors resentment about various aspects pertaining to Harry. His decision to collaborate with Netflix, a company that has ruthlessly exploited the family, unquestionably ranks among them.”

The informant also conveyed to the Daily Beast, “It is profoundly distressing to witness his mother being subjected, time and again, to this tawdry treatment by Netflix.”

“He won’t partake in viewing this production, but the repulsion it elicits is unequivocal.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex entered into lucrative agreements with Netflix in September 2020 and have produced an array of content for the streaming platform.

One notable creation in their oeuvre is the docuseries titled ‘Harry & Meghan,’ a deep exploration of their experiences within the Royal Family.

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