On the 30th of October, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark graced the “Offsides Social Garden” at Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen with her presence, marking the illustrious occasion of WeShelter's 130th anniversary. WeShelter, with a commendable history dating back to 1893, has been tirelessly dedicated to improving the living conditions of those who find themselves homeless and socially marginalized. The organization operates three community centers, namely Pegasus, Offsides Social Garden, and the NABO Center, all of which stand as pillars of support for socially vulnerable individuals.

Within this garden sanctuary, a harmonious tapestry of organic vegetables and fruits flourishes, nurtured alongside individuals who are grappling with psychological vulnerability. The primary objective of this verdant haven and the assorted activities it hosts is to craft a nurturing space for the participants, fostering a journey of recovery and healing.

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