70+ Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls in 2024’s Latest Trends

70+ Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls in 2024’s Latest Trends

Being a teenager it’s hard to look improper. Whether you opt to rock a half-shaved punk style, a razor haircut or an Emo look, that’s all fine, as long as you are a teenager. 12-18 y.o is the best period for experiments, changes of styles and trying on new extraordinary Hairstyles for Teenage Girls. Most people don’t ever feel again as much freedom in self-expression as they did when they were teenagers. We’ll give you a few bright ideas on simple Hairstyles for Teens, medium and long hair you can wear to school or in your free time.


70+ Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Alright, so let’s talk about Hairstyles for Teenage Girls. You want something cute, stylish, and super easy to pull off, right? Well, check out these hairstyles made just for teenagers. They’re all about blending style, creativity, and a touch of glamour. Below, we’ve got a bunch of cool hairstyles perfect for school, especially for teenage girls. These styles are vibrant, low-maintenance, and totally awesome. You can either try them out as they are or use them as inspiration to create your own unique and eye-catching looks. No matter what type or length of hair you have, you’re bound to find a couple of cool Hairstyles for Teens here!


Youth is the best time to enjoy having really long, carefree hair before jobs, kids, and tons of term papers come along. So, on those days when you’re in between washes or you just want to pull your hair back in a cool way, try out a side Dutch braid. It’s super simple and easy to do.


Chunky braids are cool but small cornrows give a fresh twist to a loose look. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Rita Ora rock cornrows, making them a trendy choice for girls.


Ponytails are perfect for school days when you’re in a rush. Add a braid to jazz it up. You can do this the night before for an easy morning.

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French braids are versatile but if you’re bored, try something new. A French four-strand braid with a ribbon adds texture and a unique flair.

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Ponytails are cool, but boxer braids are gaining popularity. Combine both for a trendy style, ideal for medium to long hair.


If you don’t have bangs, constantly tucking your hair behind your ears can be annoying. Braid a headband for a fancy fix.


For formal events, keep it classy with a braided bun. It adds a subtle touch of elegance to your look.


Sleek locks are outdated, but you can spice up straight hair with dragon braids adorned with golden cuffs or beads. Perfect for school or hanging out with friends.


Long hair offers endless possibilities. Experiment with braids like Dutch braids leading into infinity braids, finishing with loose waves.


This hairstyle is perfect for creative teens! It features half buns, heart-shaped cornrows, highlights, and baby hair for a stunning look.

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A low bun with a side part is a classic hairstyle that suits everyone. Add a chunky braid and wispy layers for a fun twist.

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For a teenage girl seeking a bit of edge without going full Mohawk, braids are a great choice. They’re versatile and easy to undo when you want a change. Pair your hairstyle with a minimalistic outfit for balance.

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High ponytails with curls give off a cute, candy-like vibe, especially when paired with shaped cornrows. Embrace this adorable style with confidence and let your sweet side shine!

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Achieving a trendy and practical hairstyle is simple with just a few steps. Pull some hair into a half ponytail on top, leave a few fringe locks for framing, and let the rest flow freely.


Low ponytails or puffs are stylish and versatile options for naturally kinky or coily hair. They offer both convenience and chicness. Adding a side twist enhances the look and adds texture to the sleek top.

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For a natural look, opt for a messy half-down bun hairstyle. It exudes style and charm effortlessly while maintaining a casual and relaxed vibe that any teenage girl would appreciate.

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Braids are perfect for early spring, especially voluminous bubble braids. They work well for girls with medium to long, thick hair of any texture and color.

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Pulling your hair back into a high ponytail opens up your face, giving off a youthful and lively appearance. Slightly curled locks create a stunning Hollywood wave shape, adding movement to the long ponytail.


Space buns are playful and whimsical, showcasing your personality. Pair them with delicate Dutch braid cornrows to make the style unique and captivating.

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The combination of infinity and bubble braids adds visual interest while neatly gathering long hair at the back. It exudes a charming and carefree allure, perfect for those who love being the center of attention.


Simple hairstyles can be the best, especially when using cute accessories like bows to hold the hair in place. Whether it’s braids or a ponytail, bows and other embellishments make styling stress-free on school days.


One of today’s trendy hairstyles for girls is the top knot. It’s easy to create and gives off a youthful vibe, making it a top choice among tween hairstyles.


Perfect for both school and fancy occasions, this style combines a four-strand braid with a low bun. Cool hairstyles for girls don’t have to be complicated – sometimes a traditional look works best. Plus, this updo becomes even more charming as it gets messier.

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This updo gives off carefree Bohemian vibes, suitable for various occasions. Its versatility makes it equally charming for music festivals and wedding guest looks.


Cute and sophisticated, this hairstyle is perfect for teens for any occasion. It works best on medium to thick hair with highlights. The longer your hair, the thicker the bun will be. Secure this style with plenty of hairpins and setting spray.


If you’re tired of traditional braids, this is a cool alternative. It may take time and effort, but if done correctly, it can last all day – maybe even into the next. Not only does it look pretty, but it also keeps your hair out of your face during your busy schedule.


A thick pull-through braid is a stylish and attractive hairstyle for teenagers. You can style it with your favorite headscarf in many different ways, giving you a new look every day of the week.


Cornrow braids are a popular way to add personality and style to your look, whether you’re in school or a young lady. They’re sure to impress your classmates and friends, making you the center of attention.


Every teenage girl dreams of looking like a princess, and this hairstyle is perfect for that inspiration. If you don’t have natural curls, you can easily create them with a large-barreled curling iron or by using your flat iron as a curler.


Prefer wearing your locks free-flowing? Braid the section above your forehead to keep them out of your face. Stop at the crown and finish the braid with a loose knot. This style works well even on shorter locks and thin hair, making it accessible to every girl. Plus, it looks really cool as a bonus.


This type of braid looks much more complex than it actually is. There are plenty of online tutorials available to help you master a basket weave – a perfect hairstyle for springtime.


Heading out for a casual day, school, or chilling with pals? Try this cool braided hairdo to level up your style effortlessly. Skip the sleek look; instead, mess up the crown and loosen the braid for extra volume.


Got curly or wavy hair? This cute messy bun is your go-to for a youthful look. It’s perfect for rushing to class or hanging out after school, becoming your favorite style in no time.


Need a graduation hairstyle? Go for this medium ponytail. It’s stylish with minimal effort, keeping you looking and feeling great all day long.


Want something unique? Mohawk buns add flair to curly or kinky hair, keeping it off your face while showing off its natural texture.


High ponytails with curls are super cute, especially with neat cornrows. Rock this sweet style confidently and let your inner charm shine.


Check out this angelic hairstyle, perfect for a young flower girl vibe. Soft curls and pretty bows make a beautiful combo for any junior bridesmaid.


Ponytails have been a favorite for generations, and this flipped-up Barbie pony is a winner! Whether sleek or glam, this style is always perfect.


Simple braids can be elevated in many ways to express yourself. Try this lovely double braid with delicate ribbons for a charming look.

In our opinion, style knows no age. Your hairstyle should reflect your taste and keep up with trends. But hey, don’t forget those girly styles you love; you won’t be rocking them after 30!


In conclusion, finding the perfect Hairstyles for Teens is all about embracing your individuality and expressing yourself creatively. With so many cute and cool options to choose from, you’re sure to find a hairstyle that suits your personality and taste. Whether you opt for trendy braids, chic pixie cuts, effortless waves, or stylish updos, the key is to have fun and experiment with different looks until you find the perfect one for you.

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