6 photos that prove Princess Charlotte is just like the late Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Charlotte, the seven-year-old daughter of Prince William and Princess Kate, has been praised for her confidence and affable character, making her a natural born leader. While she takes after her parents in many ways, she shares many similarities with her great-grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II.

One of the qualities that Princess Charlotte has in common with the Queen is her adherence to royal etiquette. During her first public appearance at Trooping the Colour in 2016, the young royal charmed well-wishers with her adorable waving, a habit that has stuck with her since then. She is frequently photographed waving enthusiastically alongside her siblings, Prince George and Prince Louis.

Princess Charlotte’s leadership skills were on display during Trooping the Colour in 2022 when she subtly swooped in to cut short Prince Louis’s exuberant waving while being transported in a horse-drawn carriage with her two brothers. As a seasoned Trooping the Colour attendee, she most definitely showed Louis the ropes.

Princess Charlotte is proving herself to be a mini-Queen in her own right. At the late Queen’s spectacular Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Charlotte sweetly corrected her brother Prince George’s posture during their final balcony appearance. In a bid to uphold impeccable etiquette, she instructed her brother to move his arms down by his side, saying “Arms down, George.”

Despite her adherence to royal etiquette, Princess Charlotte also enjoys letting her hair down and having fun, just like the late Queen. During a family visit to Cardiff, she enjoyed a sweet bonding moment with her brother Prince George, conducting a band and letting out a gleeful laugh.

Princess Charlotte shares a passion for sports with the late Queen, including horse riding and water sports. She joined her parents to soak up some serious swimming action during the 2022 Commonwealth Games, and judging by her stunned facial reactions, she relished every moment.

Finally, Princess Charlotte shares the late Queen’s fondness for animals, particularly dogs. She looks after her own pet cocker spaniel, Orla, and frequently pets pooches during royal engagements. The late Queen had a deep affection for the animal world which lasted a lifetime, growing incredibly close to her beloved pet corgis.

Princess Charlotte’s similarities with her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, are undeniable. From her adherence to royal etiquette to her love for sports and animals, she is proving herself to be a natural born leader like the late monarch.

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