In search of a novel, audacious appearance that's both stylish and effortlessly manageable? Look no further! In this comprehensively informative guide, we will delve into 25 unconventional and artfully intricate black hairstyles, pixie-short and relaxed, certain to captivate attention and evoke a sense of absolute fabulousness. From an innate elegance to a vivacious sense of sophistication, we present an array of exquisite concepts tailored to grace your relaxed black tresses.

What Are Relaxed Pixie Short Black Hairstyles?

Short relaxed black hairstyles refer to haircuts and styles designed for individuals with relaxed or chemically treated hair. These styles are known for their versatility and ability to showcase the unique beauty of black hair.

Benefits of Short Relaxed Hairstyles

  • Low Maintenance: Short hair is easy to maintain, saving you time and effort.
  • Versatility: You can experiment with a wide range of styles, from pixie cuts to asymmetrical bobs.
  • Healthy Hair: Short hair minimizes damage, making it a great choice for those seeking healthier, stronger hair.

25 Stunning Short Relaxed Black Pixie Hairstyles

Copper Red Pixie for Relaxed Hair

Copper Red Pixie for Relaxed HairPin

Elevate your timeless pixie to the next echelon by infusing it with a dash of audacious individuality! The infusion of copper red, with its delightful warmth, not only introduces a hint of resplendence but also injects a daring twist to your coiffure. An absolute conflagration of allure!

Short Pixie with Double Line Design

Discover 25 stunning Pixie Short Black Hairstyles! Short Pixie with Double Line DesignPin

Crafted by stylist Sha-nae Allman, this vivacious, abbreviated pixie showcases a playful double curve, tracing a graceful arc from the rear, extending forward, and culminating just below the bangs. What's more, the hair is adroitly graduated to accentuate these sinuous lines, imparting a remarkably stylish textural dimension to the ensemble!

Titanium Blonde Pixie Cut

Titanium Blonde Pixie CutPin

The virtuosos at Razor Chic Salon have tapped into the contemporary titanium hair color trend with this frosty pixie, tailored for relaxed hair. With its glacial, silvery nuances, it introduces an entirely novel degree of coolness to pixie hairstyles. However, bear in mind that this avant-garde style demands substantial maintenance to uphold its luminosity and vitality.

Classic One-Length Pixie with Waves

Classic One-Length Pixie with WavesPin

Amongst short hairstyles for black women, this uniform-length pixie stands as an unequivocal classic! Adorned with flowing waves on relaxed tresses and featuring a chocolate brown hue, it projects an aura of sheer charm. If you seek a brief, modish, and low-fuss style, this coiffure is, in essence, tailor-made for you!

Grown-Out Pixie with Deep Side Part

Grown-Out Pixie with Deep Side PartPin

A profound lateral division becomes your clandestine asset as your pixie embarks on the journey of regrowth. It endows copious stylistic gravitas while adeptly concealing those transitional, ungainly lengths, thereby bestowing your hair with a sleek, chic, and inherently effortless resonance!

Pixie with Longer Top and Back Undercut

Pixie with Longer Top and Back UndercutPin

A disjunct undercut at the posterior of your pixie creates a stark contrast, elevating the lustrous quality of the upper locks and rendering them even more dynamic. The lengthy, dense fringe in this ebony pixie may compel you to nonchalantly brush it aside, an action brimming with saucy allure. Thus, should you be inclined towards elongated locks veiling your gaze, do so with exuberance!

Flirty Pixie with Long Flipped Bangs

Flirty Pixie with Long Flipped BangsPin

This pixie, envisioned by hairstylist and owner of Esclava Salon Jacie, showcases cropped rear and lateral sections while bestowing the top with ample length, which is artfully styled to embody generous volume and a flirtatious, buoyant wave. It exudes a sense of edgy panache while retaining a sufficient measure of allure to grace special occasions.

Cute Platinum Blonde Pixie

Cute Platinum Blonde PixiePin

Should you seek a comprehensive sartorial transformation, the luminosity of platinum blonde, complemented by delicate, wispy layers, is precisely what your aspirations warrant. However, venturing into the realm of blonde often necessitates a bleaching process; hence, it is imperative to pamper your hair with an abundance of moisture and nourishment to ensure its well-being.

Short Pixie with Volume on Top

Short Pixie with Volume on TopPin

A brief pixie embellished with voluminousness atop is ideally suited for individuals exuding bold and confident personas. It stands as a sublime option for those with petite visages, but, candidly, it hinges chiefly upon one's disposition. Irrespective of whether you embrace an edgy demeanor or an elegant one, this coiffure stands as your steadfast ally!

Short Bowl Cut for Black Relaxed Hair

Short Bowl Cut for Black Relaxed HairPin

Master hairstylist Aletha Helen Fortune, based in Miami, has imparted a contemporary twist to a classic template. It manifests as a sleek, snug hairstyle with precisely trimmed back and lateral sections, while the apex flaunts a slightly rounded, bowl-like configuration. A chic, no-nonsense style that caters flawlessly to the fashion-conscious!

Asymmetric Pixie for Relaxed Hair

Asymmetric Pixie for Relaxed HairPin

An asymmetric pixie emerges as the quintessential choice for women boasting oval, heart, or diamond-shaped countenances. It introduces a modish method to harmonize proportions, infusing an element of edge and dynamism. Hence, should your facial contours correspond to the specifications, embracing asymmetry becomes a potent sartorial statement, best worn with unwavering self-assuredness!

Funky Micro Pixie Mullet

Funky Micro Pixie MulletPin

This notably brief pixie mullet, specially tailored for relaxed black hair, embodies a fusion of brevity and quirkiness. Short on the sides and crown, with a mere suggestion of party at the rear, it preserves a chic and manageable persona.

Short Hair with Brown and Caramel Highlights

Short Hair with Brown and Caramel HighlightsPin

Alexis Gwyn, a specialist in short natural hair at The Phairmacy Salon in Raleigh, North Carolina, has invigorated this relaxed pixie for autumn, infusing it with shades of chocolate brown and subtle caramel highlights that evoke the warmth of the season. The interplay of color engenders depth and conjures an autumnal enchantment, suffusing the style with a cozy ambiance.

Short Relaxed Pixie with Sideburns

Short Relaxed Pixie with SideburnsPin

This stylish short pixie epitomizes a harmonious fusion of comfort and sophistication. Enhanced with face-framing strands and graceful sideburns, it bequeaths a touch of finesse to an inherently uncomplicated coiffure.

Choppy Pixie for Black Relaxed Hair

Choppy Pixie for Black Relaxed HairPin

Black relaxed hair can expertly carry a choppy texture. This infusion augments a sense of playful edginess, amplifies volume, and emits an aura of style. Hence, should you harbor an inclination for textural variation, embrace it with fervor and wield this chic visage with absolute aplomb!

Side-Swept Black Pixie Hairstyle

Side-Swept Black Pixie HairstylePin

In this manifestation from Brenda Gee Salon, the coiffure is succinctly sleek on the sides and rear, while the apex retains length and is expertly styled to flow gracefully over the brow. This asymmetrical marvel ingeniously frames the visage, introducing a measure of feminine gentility.

Curly Pixie with Longer Bangs

Curly Pixie with Longer BangsPin

Should you yearn for a playful spin on your abbreviated coiffure, opt to amplify volume and movement with jovial mohawk curls. Maintain brevity at the back and sides while permitting the elongated apex to cascade into substantial bangs, exuding an ambiance of casual chic.

Plump and Plushy Pixie

Plump and Plushy PixiePin

Behold an exquisite brief hair alternative, furnished with a modicum of extra length to accommodate a creative flourish, hailing from OSHUN'S CROWN in Brooklyn. Style your hair from the crown forward, gently employing finger-combing techniques to confer additional textural depth.

Relaxed Stacked Pixie with Long Bangs

Relaxed Stacked Pixie with Long BangsPin

This relaxed pixie with brief tresses at the crown endows you with substantial versatility in styling. Curl the strata, invoke gentle undulations, or retain a sleek and direct presentation; each permutation delivers a trendy and beguiling countenance.

Feathered Pixie with Honey-Blonde Balayage

Feathered Pixie with Honey-Blonde BalayagePin

The feathered strata within this sophisticated pixie function akin to a form of alchemy, elevating the golden glow to remarkable heights. They generate fluidity and dimension, permitting the color to radiate from every angle and infusing the pixie with a spirited, radiant aura.

Super Short Relaxed Haircut

Super Short Relaxed HaircutPin

This snazzy short pixie almost gravitates towards a buzz cut, yet it retains just enough length to classify as a true pixie. This confluence of trends, expertly curated by Stephanie Anderson, a master stylist and proprietor of The Living Room Hair Lounge in Ferndale, Michigan, proves equally suitable for everyday wear and glamorous soirées.

Relaxed Stacked Pixie Bob

Relaxed Stacked Pixie BobPin

This modern pixie bob, a creation by stylist Joie Wallace, amalgamates the best of both worlds – the vivacity of a pixie and the chic demeanor of a bob. The rear is abbreviated and strategically structured for contour, with top layers exhibiting an air of sleekness. It constitutes the ideal middle ground if you find yourself in the process of transitioning from short to longer locks, seeking an interim style to suit your taste.

Platinum Blonde Crop

Platinum Blonde CropPin

Should you be inclined to embark on a hair odyssey, unveiling your playful side, this abbreviated platinum blonde crop emerges as an imperative undertaking. Tapered at the rear, it boasts extended strata atop that effuse a surplus of textural intrigue.

Relaxed Feathered Pixie

Relaxed Feathered PixiePin

What's the clandestine to an elegant, feathered pixie designed for relaxed black hair? The presence of flirtatious, wispy strata, introducing a semblance of finesse and dynamism. This style exudes charm and stands as an impeccable choice for those desiring a polished, crisply composed visage.

Pixie with Longer Curls on Top

Pixie with Longer Curls on TopPin

This fabulous and malleable pixie coiffure, designed by stylist Ashley (known as LuckyLex) hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, confers an array of styling possibilities. You can elect to wear softly tousled curls atop for casual gatherings or experiment with a modish pompadour or edgy faux hawk for nights out on the town.

With these 25 relaxed, pixie-short black hairstyles, you are primed to exhibit a striking new appearance with minimal exertion. Whether you gravitate towards an audacious or refined persona, the pixie cut stands as the go-to style for exuding confidence and allure. Go forth and conquer that coveted style!

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Short relaxed black hairstyles are a fantastic way to showcase your unique beauty while maintaining a chic and low-maintenance look. We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights into achieving the perfect hairstyle for your needs. Remember, consulting with a professional stylist is the first step towards your dream look. So, embrace the beauty of short relaxed black hair and step into a world of elegance and confidence!

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