Can you believe that the final full month of summer has arrived already? As the years seem to pass by swiftly, we seek ways to stay grounded in the present moment. Being enthusiasts of beauty, one way we achieve this is through our nails. Embracing the vibrant colors and patterns of the summer season allows us to experience a touch of its magic every time we admire our hands.

While May and July have holidays that influence the nail trends of those months, August offers more flexibility for creativity. To assist you in finding the perfect end-of-summer nail look, we have gathered nearly twenty-two nail art ideas for August, featuring bright colors, solid polishes, intricate patterns, classic designs, and everything in between.

Neon Rainbow Nails

During the summer, neon nail colors, particularly in a variety of “Skittles” colors, remain popular and fashionable. However, as the season comes to a close, you might want to go for slightly less vibrant neons, such as the ones used in this rainbow manicure that still maintain their brightness. Image and nail art via @POP_POLISHED

Barbie Pink Nails

The excitement and obsession with Barbie persist even after its premiere. Therefore, choosing a hot pink nail design for August is a great choice. To achieve this specific look, you'll require the Holo Taco Nail Polish. Image and nail art via @MELANATED.MANI

Abstract Ethereal Nails

For those who believe in the philosophy of “more is more,” these vibrant and abstract nails are a perfect match. On one hand, they evoke the imagery of crocodile prints, while on the other, they possess a unique and otherworldly charm, almost resembling something alien or fairy-like. Whatever the interpretation may be, we fully embrace and admire this style. Image and nail art via @MYPRETTYSET

Two-Toned Pink Nails

The joy is multiplied when you have double the pink. This reverse French manicure features two different finishes – a pearlescent pink polish paired with a shimmery, hot pink cuticle highlight. The combination creates a set of nails that would surely impress Elle Woods. Image and nail art via @HEYGREATNAILS

Complementary Color Nails

Opting for complementary colors is always a safe choice. Madelyn Cline demonstrates this by sporting shades of blue and orange, creating a hot-and-cold nail look that brings to mind memories of beach days in August. Image and nail art via @NAILSBYZOLA

Cherry Nails

Cherry pie is a highly symbolic food of summer, and incorporating cherries into your nail art is a great idea. In this design, they are paired with pink French tips, but you have the freedom to choose a rainbow base or any other solid color. The possibilities are endless—like a fruit basket, you can explore various options.Image and nail art via @DISSEYNAILS

Watermelon Picnic Nails

When it comes to summer fruits, watermelon nails stand out just as brightly as cherries. If you're fond of this juicy fruit, why not use it as inspiration for your August nail look? This set features watermelon accent nails, complemented by gingham patterns reminiscent of picnics and solid red nails, creating a delightful combination. Image and nail art via @NAILSBYLINDSEYLU

Dewdrop Nails

If you prefer a more subdued look and still want a summery manicure, consider adding dewdrop accents. The three-dimensional art will give your nails the appearance of having just emerged from a refreshing dip in the pool, even if you find yourself confined to your desk. Image and nail art via @NAOMINAILSNYC

Rubber Ducky Nails

While it might not be the most practical nail look for August, there's no denying the adorableness of this rubber ducky nail art. Even if you choose to skip the duck, the pool-inspired base alone is sufficient to evoke nostalgia for the summer season, which is not even over yet. Image and nail art via @PHOEBESUMMERNAILS

Water Nails

Keeping water as the focus, here's another technique to achieve a wet look for your nails: Start with a marbled blue base and add 3D water drop accents on top. This style will give your nails a unique and dripping effect. Image and nail art via @BHAMBNAILS

Peach Ombré Nails

Capture the transition from summer to fall with this ombré manicure, mirroring the fading colors of the season. Although the nails look stunning, recreating them is not as challenging as it may seem. To achieve this look, begin with a nude base, then use a sponge to apply peach and nude polish in a dabbing motion for the ombré effect. Seal it with a top coat and use a detailing brush to touch up the edges for a polished finish. Image and nail art via @IMARNINAILS

Honey Nails

It is believed that the prime months for harvesting honey are from July to September. This translucent, gold-toned gel manicure celebrates that concept while embracing trendy colors that bridge the gap between the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Image and nail art via @GOTG0LD

Gold Flake Nails

To achieve a straightforward yet striking manicure for August, select a milky base adorned with gold foil flakes. If you don't already have them, you can easily purchase a jar from Amazon for just $6, with the additional choice of gold, rose gold, or silver options. Image and nail art via @NAILSBYSUMAN

Malibu Mani

For an authentic summer feel, think about replicating this Malibu-inspired nail design. It features three-dimensional water, peachy-orange gradient nails resembling sand, and glimmering beach-themed flowers, making your manicure a definite head-turner. Image and nail art via @MYPRETTYSET

Monochrome Swirl Nails

To include a variety of nail colors in your manicure, you can choose a monochrome design for each nail. To achieve this specific look, make sure to use the OPI Summer Makes the Rules Collection. Image and nail art via @LOLO.NAILEDIT

Neon Yellow Nails

Even though Wimbledon has concluded, tennis ball-yellow nail polish continues to be a trendy choice for the remaining summer season. The addition of negative space half-moons adds an elegant element to the overall set. Image and nail art via @LOLO.NAILEDIT

'70s Swirl Nails

This wavy nail art concept draws inspiration from a can of Poppi, which celebrates the collaboration between Poppi and Essie at Target. However, its nostalgic vibe also evokes the '70s era and incorporates trendy fall colors. Image and nail art via @DISSEYNAILS

Smoky Marble Mani

If you're already excited for fall, you can bid farewell to summer and welcome autumn with a bonfire-inspired manicure featuring a smoky marbled technique. Although the design may appear intricate, it captures the essence of the upcoming season. Image and nail art via @BRUSHEDBYB_

Daisy Daze Mani

The red and orange palette of this manicure, inspired by spritz, brings to mind a warm goodbye to the hottest season of the year. The touches of purple also create a sunset effect, enhancing the overall charm of the design. Image and nail art via @DISSEYNAILS

Neon Ombré Outline Nails

The neon ombré-framed milky manicure is absolutely stunning. It captures all the trendiest colors of summer, including white. Despite its impressive appearance, achieving this Ellen-inspired look is easier than it seems. Simply apply an ombré base and sponge white polish on top to recreate it. Image and nail art via @BRUSHEDBYB_

Summer Sunset Nails

If you have a fondness for vibrant, summer-inspired hues, think about embracing shades of pink and orange. To keep things simple, go for an airbrushed sunset effect using the convenient sponge technique. This way, you can achieve a stunning look without much difficulty. Image and nail art via @PHOEBESUMMERNAILS

Tomato Red Mani

Finally, we present this breathtaking solid red manicure, an ideal choice for bidding farewell to Tomato Girl Summer. While applying Cirque Colors Créme Nail Polish in the shade Game Over, you may want to enhance the atmosphere by lighting the Tomato Girl Summer Candle from Poured Candle Bar. Its rich, earthy fragrance will surely evoke a sense of gratitude for this season. Image and nail art via @MELANATED.MANI

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