Autumn Chic: 20 Gorgeous Burgundy Nail Designs to Embrace the Fall Vibes

Autumn Chic: 20 Gorgeous Burgundy Nail Designs to Embrace the Fall Vibes

As summer ends and fall approaches, you may be looking for ways to incorporate the season’s darker colors into your wardrobe and beauty routine. Burgundy is a great color to transition from summer to fall, and it can be used in a variety of nail art designs. Whether you want a simple one-color mani or a more intricate design, there is a Burgundy Nail Designs for everyone.

Autumn Chic: 20 Gorgeous Burgundy Nail Designs to Embrace the Fall Vibes

Burgundy Matte

Burgundy Nail Designs - Burgundy Matte | Fall Nails

@BRUSHEDBYB_Glossy nail polish is often seen as the standard, but a matte finish can also be very elegant and stylish. Burgundy and white matte nails are a perfect example of this. The deep burgundy color is rich and sophisticated, while the white accents add a touch of brightness and contrast. The matte finish gives the nails a smooth and sophisticated look that is perfect for any occasion.

Burgundy Cosmos Nails

Burgundy Nail Designs - Burgundy Cosmos Nails | Fall Nails


The recent discussion of aliens has inspired us to create these celestial burgundy nails. The watercolor splotches and gemstone accents make this nail look impossible to overlook. 

Burgundy Chevron

Burgundy Nail Designs - Burgundy Chevron | Fall Nails


If you have any upcoming fall parties, a gold chevron nail art design is a great way to add some festive sparkle. The glittery accent instantly elevates the look and makes it perfect for any occasion. 

Dark Cherry Nails

Burgundy Nail Designs - Dark Cherry Nails | Fall Nails


To let the rich burgundy polish be the star of the show, apply a near-solid coat of polish with a hint of gold at the cuticles.

Burgundy Stripes

Burgundy Nail Designs - Burgundy Stripes | Fall Nails


Thin stripes of burgundy nail polish are a fun and retro way to add some color to your fingertips. The subtle shimmer adds a touch of glamour and sophistication.


Burgundy Nail Designs - Oxblood | Fall Nails


Of course, you do not have to do elaborate nail art with burgundy. The color itself is rich and bold enough to stand out on its own.

Burberry Nails

Burgundy Nail Designs - Burberry Nails | Fall Nails


Burberry’s plaid pattern is popular again in 2023, as the fashion world is currently obsessed with Y2K trends. To avoid making your nails look too busy, use the plaid pattern on only a few accent nails, and paint the rest of your nails a solid color, such as burgundy.

Burgundy Abstract

Burgundy Nail Designs - Burgundy Abstract | Fall Nails

@MANICURES.ASThis abstract nail art uses shades of burgundy, black, olive, and white to create a look that is both stylish and transitional. The colors are perfect for transitioning from summer to fall, and the abstract design is sure to turn heads.

Wavy Outlines

Burgundy Nail Designs - Wavy Outlines | Fall Nails

@BRUSHEDBYB_If you are interested in a two-tone burgundy nail look with a shiny finish, you can try this semi-outlined manicure. The white heart is optional, so you can remove it for a more minimalist look.

Negative Space

Burgundy Nail Designs - Negative Space | Fall Nails

@ALICIATNAILSThis negative space manicure is a sophisticated way to show off the trendy burgundy shade. The intricate design is best left to a professional manicurist, but the results are sure to be stunning.


Burgundy Nail Designs - Hawaiian-Inspired | Fall Nails


Hawaiian prints, a popular early 2000s trend, are still in style in 2023. While traditional Hawaiian prints often feature pink and blue, this burgundy version is a beautiful and unique alternative.

Dual-Finish French

Burgundy Nail Designs - Dual-Finish French | Fall Nails


Dual-finish French manicures are a popular trend in 2023, and this dark burgundy version is a stylish choice for fall. You can reverse the finish, making the tips matte and the base glossy, for a different look that still has a lot of shine.

Square French

Burgundy Nail Designs - Square French | Fall Nails


Square-shaped nails are a popular trend in 2023, and the key to getting perfectly straight edges is to have a good nail file. The Olive & June Nail File Pack is a great option, as it comes with three files so you can always have one on hand. This ensures that your nails always look their best, no matter where you are.

Burgundy With Outlines

Burgundy Nail Designs - Burgundy With Outlines  | Fall Nails


For those who prefer minimalist designs, this manicure is perfect for you. Add a chic and strategic blue outline to your oxblood nails to elevate the look.

Sliced French

Burgundy Nail Designs - Sliced French | Fall Nails


French manicures are always a classic choice, but this double French manicure with thicker tips takes it to the next level. The bolder look is sure to turn heads.

Burgundy Tortoiseshell

Burgundy Nail Designs - Burgundy Tortoiseshell | Fall Nails


Tortoiseshell is a neutral print that often contains a touch of burgundy, making it a popular choice for those who want to try the color trend. To add a unique touch, you can add nail art or decals on top. The eight-ball design is a fun and stylish option.

Burgundy Heat Map

Burgundy Nail Designs - Burgundy Heat Map | Fall Nails


Although heat maps typically use shades of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, this nail art gives off the same vibe using turquoise, pink, mint, mango, and burgundy. However, it is important to note that recreating this look at home may be difficult, so it is best to go to a professional.

Lilac Accents

Burgundy Nail Designs - Lilac Accents | Fall Nails


The deep color of burgundy complements the lightness of lilac, making them a perfect pair for DIY nail art. To achieve this look, start by painting the tips of your nails in burgundy. Then, swipe a coat of lilac over the rest of your nails.

Burgundy Croc

Burgundy Nail Designs - Burgundy Croc | Fall Nails


We are so obsessed with these burgundy croc/snake print nails that we are going to run to the salon to get them done right away.

Gold Foiled Burgundy

Burgundy Nail Designs Gold Foiled Burgundy | Fall Nails


Burgundy is a beautiful color on its own, but when you add gold foil flakes, it becomes even more striking.

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Autumn Chic: 20 Gorgeous Burgundy Nail Designs to Embrace the Fall Vibes


1. How long does burgundy nail polish last? Burgundy nail polish typically lasts 5-7 days. Using a high-quality topcoat can help extend its lifespan.

2. Can I create burgundy nails at home? Absolutely! With the right tools and a bit of practice, you can achieve stunning burgundy nails at home.

3. What outfits complement burgundy nails? Burgundy nails pair well with black, white, gold, and neutral tones. They add a pop of color to your look.

4. Are there any specific nail shapes for burgundy nails? Burgundy nails work with various nail shapes, but almond and stiletto shapes are popular choices.

5. How do I prevent chipping of burgundy nail polish? To prevent chipping, make sure to apply a base coat and a topcoat. Also, avoid using your nails as tools.

6. Can I combine different burgundy nail designs on each nail? Mixing different designs on each nail can create a unique and playful look.


Burgundy nails are a fashion statement that never goes out of style. With these 20 gorgeous burgundy nail designs and some creative flair, you can elevate your nail game and turn heads wherever you go. Experiment with these designs and let your nails be your canvas.

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