King Charles marks new milestone as he delivers passionate speech

King Charles marks new milestone as he delivers passionate speech

The King wanted important changes when he spoke first at Cop28 in Dubai.

Charles, who is 75 and cares a lot about the environment, said the world is still way off track in important climate goals.

This was his first speech at Cop28 as King. Before this, he opened Cop26 in Glasgow in 2021 and Cop21 in Paris in 2015.

He talked to leaders and delegates at Expo City Dubai. The King said, “I really hope Cop28 makes a big difference towards real action. Scientists have been warning us for a long time, and we’re already reaching alarming tipping points.”

“Even though people are paying attention, there’s now 30% more carbon dioxide in the air than before, and almost 40% more methane.”

“Some progress has happened, but it’s worrying that we’re still way off track, as the global stocktake report shows.”

“The dangers aren’t far away anymore. I’ve seen many communities, not just in the Commonwealth but beyond, suffering from climate change. They can’t handle repeated shocks, and their lives and jobs are ruined.”

“We really need to take action to help the most vulnerable victims.”

Cop28 is the first time countries will review progress since the Paris Agreement in 2015. It’s not expected to show positive results.

The conference started on Thursday and goes until December 12. The UK government promised £1.6 billion for global climate projects during the summit.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron, and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer attended the summit.

The King, wrapping up his speech, said, “You all have a chance to keep our hope alive. Please approach it with ambition, imagination, and a real understanding of the emergency we’re facing. Commit to practical actions for our shared future.”

“After all, in 2050, our grandchildren won’t ask what we said. They’ll be living with the results of what we did or didn’t do.”

“If we work together to protect our planet, the well-being of all people will follow.”

“Let’s remember the indigenous view that tells us we’re all connected, not just as people, but with all living things. We must maintain harmony with nature. The Earth doesn’t belong to us; we belong to the Earth.”

During his two-day trip, the King also talked about peace in the region. He met with the presidents of Nigeria, Guyana, and the United Arab Emirates on Thursday.

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